Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia

Regional archaeological units coordinate 2-week digs in Italy.

Rediscover the historical memory of our civilization. Participate in an engaging and educational work session. Experience the realization of an archaeological excavation, the documentation and restoration of the finds and monumental evidence, the topographical investigation of a territory, the design and the museographic setting of a monumental area. Deepen your historical and artistic knowledge by participating in seminars, conferences, visits to museums and archaeological areas.

These are the experiences that hundreds of Italian and foreign volunteers live each year by joining the summer research and development campaigns of the Archaeological Groups of Italy. To participate you do not need to be an expert in the field, nor be in possession of specific knowledge in the archaeological field: it is sufficient to be prepared to work in a group and to spend an enjoyable period of life in common.

The archaeological research fields are held during the summer under the aegis of the Archaeological Groups of Italy, in places located mostly in an area with a glorious past and yet still partly unknown: Etruria.

The archaeological fields are excavation sites (directed by members of the GA of Italy under the supervision of the Superintendencies) open to anyone who is interested in the human past and intends to make his active contribution to scientific progress and the enhancement of historical and artistic heritage Italian. Participants are always supported by team leaders who follow them in all the activities of the camp. Of course, free time is not missing. Socialization is one of the strengths of the archaeological fields: you have the opportunity to meet people from all over Italy and from abroad to share all together the profound fascination of Archeology. Participation in the research fields gives the right to a formative credit certificate.


General information for all fields

Personal equipment to be possessed: safety shoes according to EEC safety standards, work gloves in accordance with EEC, water bottle, headgear, country clothes, sleeping bag, bath towels.

Documentation to be delivered upon arrival at the camp: identification documents, GA GA registration card, medical certificate of good physical condition and certificate of tetanus vaccination.

Collateral activities to the excavation: information on the safety of the participants, training and documentation on the survey, on the archaeological photograph, on the restoration laboratory, as well as meetings and conferences on the main issues concerning the individual fields and the activities carried out in them.

Shifts in activity: two weeks (unless otherwise specified and specific to the individual field)

Age limits: some camps are reserved for those over 15, others for those over 17.

Attention, remember that: to participate in the Archaeological Fields it is obligatory to register with the Archaeological Groups of Italy (this can also be done at one of the local branches, at the national headquarters or alternatively at the camp organizer at the time of registration), in order to guarantee the indispensable insurance coverage.

The fields must be booked. Each field has its specific methods, to ask the manager, for the advance, confirmations, the balance of the quota. For information, contact the Archaeological Groups of Italy or the Organizing Group.

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