Granada Spanish Lingua (GSL)

GSL is a Spanish language school located in Granada Nicaragua and established since 2005

We develop programs for Spanish classes for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and provide services such as:
1. Volunteering
2. Transportation services to all cities in Nicaragua
3. Accommodations such as: Guesthouse and Homestay in Granada Nicaragua
4. Special Spanish Courses for: Volunteers, Adults, Youth, Children, Groups / Families

Granada Spanish Lingua (GSL), gets its name from the beautiful city that host the school "The colonial Granada City".

The school facilities is a big and fresh colonial house, located at only 1 block from the central park, here the students can enjoy their lessons and get confidence in their Spanish skills in a 100% Spanish speaking atmosphere

The staff and teachers at "GSL" are experienced, engergetic, positive minded and very supportive of their students. Their alegría creates a very fun environment in the school.

The school's homestay families are very warm and attentive to their student guests and have a reputation for offering very good meals a-la-estilo Granada.

The school's afternoon activities and excursions are varied and take advantage of Granada's great cultural and artistic heritage as well as visits and its can vary depending of your program type selected (see feature programs), volunteer work and participation with local service and cultural organizations which are the real vitality of the local community.

Granada is a great location for learning Spanish, Nicaraguan history and culture. The city is alive and vibrant, and the people are friendly, helpful and inquisitive. There is a sense of history, community and aesthetics here that makes Granada and "GSL" such a special experience that students don't want to leave!

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