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GOGO AFRICA VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION is non profit, non governmental and volunteer based agency registered in Ghana with our headquarters located in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

As educated Ghanaians, we realized that education is sine qua none for development and a right which all citizens of the world must enjoy. We also realized that lack of education and training is the major cause of poverty in Africa. We therefore felt the need to design programs to give others access to this gift that we have received.

We moreover believe in participatory development as a means of sustainable development, hence we hope to involve the poor and the marginalized who are our main focus in our development projects. In this way, we are able to identify and work on their immediate needs and aspirations

Our goal is to work in concert to assist in the improvement of the lives of the marginalized and deprived in our society through volunteering and projects in teaching, healthcare and community development programs such as construction of schools, washrooms, library, computer labs etc. It is also our priority to make volunteering as exciting as possible. We therefore organize our programs to include cultural education and a tour to attractive places in Ghana such as the Kakum National park in cape Coast, Mole National Park in the Northern Ghana and Fiema Monkey Sanctuary in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. In this way, volunteers are not bored and do not worry to use their leisure periods to provide services aimed at improving the conditions of people.

Below is a line up of a few of volunteer programs we offer;
Volunteer in Ghana Orphanages
HIV AIDS education
Summer Voluntary Work Camps Ghana
Teaching Math’s, English, French, and Science & Computer in schools
Volunteer Construction Work Camp
Medical student Healthcare Volunteer Work Ghana
Volunteer Farming Projects.
Volunteering Computer/IT Voluntary Work
Community Work and Travel.
Volunteering and travelling at the same time ( For groups)
School Exchange Programs ( For groups)
Cultural and Festival programs in Ghana ( For groups)
Language and cultural studies

We also offer educative and non paid internship programs in the following areas;
Radio, TV and news paper Journalism
Nurses and Doctors
Women and Youth empowerment
Politics in Ghana
Drumming and Dancing (African studies)
Soccer coaching
Language and Cultural Studies
Forest Conservation

GVO has staffs and host families located in all the ten regions of Ghana. This is to ensure that our services are accessible to volunteers all the time. Moreover, our host families are educated, well trained and have gained tremendous experience in the field of charity, you can trust and rely on them.

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