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We work with the best language schools in Korea, and have helped over 5,000 students study abroad. We are confident in our ability to help you pick the right school.

Each of our coordinators have been through the visa and school application process, and know it inside out. We are therefore able to turn that otherwise complex and time-consuming process into a simple, easy task.

So, invest your energy in planning out all the things you want to see in Korea, and all the foods you want to eat. Leave paperwork to us.

Our service is free! We partner with the schools, so even if you decided to apply directly to one of the schools by yourself, you’d find that you would pay the same amount.


Work for Us

We at Go! Go! Hanguk believe that studying abroad is a life-changing event. If you want to work in Korea, Go! Go! Hanguk is a great place to be. We want to make sure everyone has the lowest barriers to living and studying in Korea. Our mission is to disrupt the concept of a study abroad service by providing full support in finding schools and accommodation in Korea, providing constant after arrival care, and creating the experience of a lifetime.

Our staff come from 12 different countries, so we place the utmost importance on openness and understanding of different cultures. We are always learning about each other and about the world around us. It helps that we all speak at least 2 languages!

Our office is located in Seong-su, which provides easy access to all of Seoul. We want to be accessible, so our students can reach out to us at any time. It's a great location to work in Korea.

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