Spanish Courses in Trinidad, Cuba

Company : Don Quijote Spanish School
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 50 to 1000 $ Dollars (US)

Our Spanish school in Trinidad is unique; instead of centering classes in a physical building, our highly qualified teachers treat students to a personalised learning experience, where they will gain intimate insight into the rich culture of Cuba.

Although a small amount of tourism is beginning to arrive in Trinidad, the city remains largely unexposed to tourists. The city is smaller than Santiago de Cuba and Havana and it's a bit less accessible, making this an excellent destination for adventurous students interested in finding fewer international students and truly immersing themselves in Cuban culture and Spanish.


Types of Spanish Courses in Trinidad

  • Intensive Course: 20 hours worth of intense language lessons per week. This is the fast track route to learning Spanish. In small groups, you will discuss interesting subject matter to improve fluency and gain confidence.
  • Super Intensive Course: If the intensive course isn't enough for you, you can enroll in the super intensive course which includes an extra 2 hours worth of tuition on top of the original 20 hours per week.
  • One to One: If intensive learning isn't for you and you'd rather go at your own pace, then you should opt for One-to-One. Individual tuition means that classes will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Immersion Course: A combination of the Intensive course and the One To One course. The immersion course contains 20 hours worth of intense language lessons per week plus 5 hours worth of individual classes tailored to your specific needs. This course combination allows the student to ask any questions they might have from the group session in private.
  • Intensive Spanish and Dance classes: this course combines language learning with cultural integration. The Spanish & Dance course contains 20 hours worth of intense language lessons per week plus 5 hours worth of Salsa classes taught in Spanish. Dance is a great way to relax after working hard.
  • Intensive Spanish and Music classes: The Spanish & Music course contains 20 hours worth of intense language lessons per week plus 5 hours worth of music lessons taught in Spanish. You will learn all about traditional Cuban music and even learn to play some yourself!



Your class schedule will be arranged according to your level of Spanish. Classes takes place in the morning (beginning at 8:30) and in the afternoon. Each class lasts fifty minutes.



Our teachers are all highly qualified Spanish teachers with university degrees and specialised training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.



Host families have been selected with care. They live in the centre of host cities, in spacious homes, and they offer individual rooms and half board (breakfast and dinner). Rooms all feature air conditioning or a fan and some have a private bathroom. Laundry service is not provided, although it can be arranged at a small fee.

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