The school is a converted colonial building complete with its own auditorium and solarium. All students that complete a course in Quito will be awarded a certificate from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Students from the US are eligible to earn credits to put towards their degree. Spanish courses in Quito have received the seal of approval from the Ecuadorian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Lessons take place on weekdays between 8am and 1pm in the morning and 2pm and 6:30pm. Lessons last an hour each and every hour is interspaced by a 30 minute rest break. don Quijote can guarantee that the student / teacher ratio will never be any higher than 5:1.

Only university graduates qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language are employed by the school. Most teachers have a second or third European language too. As well as imparting knowledge about the language itself, teachers are dedicated to educating their students about Ecuadorian customs and culture too.


Types of Courses

  • Intensive Group Course: 20 hours worth of intense language lessons per week. This is the fast track route to learning Spanish. In small groups, you will discuss interesting subject matter to improve fluency and gain confidence. 
  • Super Intensive Group Course: If the intensive course isn’t enough for you, you can enroll in the super intensive course which includes an extra 2 hours worth of tuition on top of the original 20 hours per week.
  • One to One Private Course: If intensive learning isn’t for you and you’d rather go at your own pace, then you should opt for One-to-One. Individual tuition means that classes will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Activa Spanish Group: If you prefer to learn by doing and seeing things for yourself, then you should opt for Activa Spanish. This course combines 20 hours worth of class time with a variety of activities and trips. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to make the most of your time spent in Ecuador. What's more, you'll get to know you´re way round the place in no time at all!
  • One to One Spanish: A combination of the One to One Private Course and a variety of activities and trips.



  • Host Family: if you choose this option then you will be living with an Ecuadorian family who will cook you breakfast and dinner, allowing you to grab lunch with friends between classes. This is a good option for those moving away from home for the first time.
  • Student Residence: if you like to be around people, then you would probably enjoy living in a shared apartment. With a private bedroom and shared kitchen and living areas, you will always have someone to talk to!



  • Intensive Spanish Course: From $155
  • Super Intensive Spanish Course: From $245
  • Spanish & Dancing: From $95
  • History, Art or Literature: From $95
  • Spanish Course for 50 and Over: From $470
  • DELE Preparation Course: From $1090
  • Spanish Course for Spanish Teachers: From $495
  • Private Spanish Classes: From $189
  • Executive Spanish: From $315
  • Cooking Course: From $95