Our school in Cadiz was once home to Federico Jolly, who founded the newspaper "El Diario de Cádiz." Nowadays, this 3 floor building has been renovated to suit your needs. It combines the Andalusian architecture of its beautiful terrace and a patio, with modern conveniences. The school boasts its own kitchen, a communal student area for inbetween classes and a modern computer hall (complete with new computers, microphones and webcams).


Cadiz School Facilities

  • Our historic 3-story, fully renovated school building; bright and comfortable facilities that feature a courtyard and terrace
  • WiFi availability throughout the building
  • Computer hall and free Internet (webcams, earphones and microphones)
  • Kitchen for the use of all students
  • Library where students may check out videos, music and books for free



  • 1-4 weeks £200 per week
  • 5-9 weeks £183 per week
  • +10 weeks £162 per week
  • Extra Weeks Available



  • Home stay: In an individual room or shared room, with a choice between full or half board catering
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: In an individual, shared or a shared room for individual use