Spanish Courses in Barcelona, Spain

Company : Don Quijote Spanish School
Activities: Summer Study Abroad / Learn Spanish
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 50 to 1000 € Euro

Barcelona is a fantastic city to study Spanish; expect a vibrant cosmopolitan, and a truly engaging place. 

With its rich cultural and artistic heritage, Catalonian influence, and beaches to enjoy, Barcelona offers you all the excitement and amenities of Spain's second biggest city.

Our Barcelona Spanish school is housed in three lower floors of a modern and spacious building located right in the heart of the city. It features 55 large classrooms that measure a total of 2,000 m2, and an additional 600 m2 of communal spaces to enjoy in between classes. Here, students can take a break in the interior patio to enjoy views of the school's private garden area, which has both trees and a terrace.

Expect big, bright, comfortable facilities; you won't find another Spanish as a foreign language school of this calibre and size anywhere in Europe! The school has free Wi-Fi so you can link up your laptop, or there are 20 computers in our central interior patio for your use. 

Students may also relax on the patio between classes, where they can enjoy a snack or a refreshment from the vending machines placed throughout the building. Beautiful marble floors in the common areas and handsome wood flooring in classrooms are just a few of our Barcelona school's luxurious details. Barcelona is a vibrant city, and students come from all over the globe to study with us, which offers you a culturally diverse metropolis to enjoy, while learning Spanish in Spain.


School Facilities

  • Facilities fully adapted for disabled students and visitors
  • Wi-Fi accessible from anywhere in the building
  • A snack area and a cybercafe that seats up to 32 people
  • Large private garden behind the school
  • Security cameras and speakers throughout the building
  • Central heating and air conditioning throughout the building
  • 9 bathrooms, including one specially-equipped for disabled students
  • An auditorium which can accommodate up to 150 people
  • Parking located beneath the building for students that wish to drive to school
  • Background music available in the entire school



  • Home Stay
  • Shared apartment / Apartment
  • Residence with private bathroom
  • Student Residence / Family Residence
  • Premium Accommodation
  • Hotel


Types of Courses + Cost

  • Intensive Spanish Course: From 159€
  • Super Intensive Spanish Course: From 284€
  • Spanish Christmas Course: From 199€
  • Spanish & Dancing: From 285€
  • History, Art or Literature: From 395€
  • DELE Preparation Course: From 495€
  • Spanish Course for Spanish Teachers: From 445€
  • Intensive Business Spanish Course: From 395€
  • Premium Spanish Classes: From 470€
  • Private Spanish Classes: From 17€
  • Gap year: From 2148€
  • Teacher's Home Program: From 745€

Booking / Enquiry

Don Quijote Spanish School Spanish Courses in Barcelona, Spain Reviews

I loved my course at Don Quijote in Barcelona!

I studied for 2 weeks at the Don Quijote Spanish school in Barcelona. The school has great teachers and a great lesson structure. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their Spanish in Barcelona.

By: Laila Damasceno
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 28

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