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Bush Direct sends volunteers to Africa to work with vervet monkeys, horses or other animals, participate in community projects or to experience survival in the Bush whilst seeing the Big 5 and other wildlife on game drives and safaris.

Bush Direct was set up to give people a HANDS ON experience in the African bush. We offer projects for everyone interested in animals but particularly for students studying Veterinary, Veterinary nursing, animal care, animal behaviour, zoology and so on.

Who We Are

Bertus grew up in the African bush, and from a young age gained bush survival skills whilst also having close contact with animals and big game. He has been involved over many years with running tourist safaris and knows the sanctuaries and the veterinary surgeons personally.

The ideals of Bush Direct are simple:

* To give the volunteer value for money in an honest, hands-on programme.
* To support the volunteer from the initial contact to the day of departure.
* To send as much money as possible to the sanctuaries where the money is needed
* To deal only with like-minded sanctuaries who have the volunteers’ interests at heart .

With Bushdirect ALL your money goes directly to the project, therefore we are able to give you an in-depth and highly diverse project encompassing all aspects of the African bush.

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