Broadreach offers unsurpassed experiential summer adventures for teenagers including scuba, sailing, multi-sport and wilderness programs that span the globe.

A lot of incredible stuff happens while you’re having fun on a Broadreach program. You’ll build lifelong friendships, for a start. And, come home with some of the best stories of your life. But what makes Broadreach really special are the things you’ll learn and the changes you’ll see in yourself.

Whether you choose a program that offers college credit or one where you earn scuba and sailing certifications, you’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge that will open the door to future opportunities for global exploration, academic pursuits or even a career path.

You’ll develop confidence in your abilities and a desire to push yourself further. And you’ll understand more about the world around you and be inspired to make your place in it.

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Broadreach Reviews

Panama Photography Adventure

Absolulety life changing experience! Leanred a lot about myself and where I want to take my life ahead!

By: Ahmed Sheikh
Nationality: Pakistani
Age: 18

Most amazing summer of my life!!

I attended the Iceland advanced photography program, coming there not knowing how to hold a camera and leaving using manual mode only! Not only did I learn a lot about photography, but I travelled to every part of Iceland and did things unheard of like climbing a glacier on top of a volcano and jumping into waterfalls. Every single person was so friendly and no one knew one another but three weeks later, we couldn’t have been closer. Safe to say, best summer of my life

By: Rochelle
Nationality: Caucasian
Age: 17

Broadreach is so incredible!!!

I was able to experience so many new things from culture to food to new wildlife. I am so happy I decided to go on a trip with them and definitely want to go on another soon.

By: Arden Tiffee
Nationality: American
Age: 19

Amazing programs!!!

I have been on three of Broadreach’s trips and all have been beyond amazing! I’ve met so many incredible people, tried loads of new things, and seen gorgeous places. The instructors are all super fun and helpful! The entire company spreads good vibes and has left me with so many awesome memories!

By: Brooke Jarrard
Nationality: American
Age: 17

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