Boston Community ESOL Center

The Boston Community ESOL Center (BCEC) brings English and literacy programs to partner organizations and community members. We provide free consultations, manage existing programs, train teachers, and deliver effective and flexible programs. 


Who We Are:

The Boston Community ESOL Center is committed to strengthening communities in the Greater Boston area by overcoming language and cultural barriers. We seek to empower residents through effective, immersive ESOL classes held throughout the area. 


What We Do:

The Boston Community ESOL Center is a non-profit initiative that provides engaging English for Speakers of Other Languages Courses delivered by committed instructors whom we extensively train. Through partnerships with community organizations that serve as support networks for specific communities, our students are able to engage in their own success. 


Why We Do It:

Improving English proficiency enables community members to pursue employment, education and empowers them to be self-advocates. However, the current wait for affordable classes in Boston is 2 years on average. The Boston Community ESOL Center brings these intensive and engaging classes to the community. 

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