For over sixty-eight years, Blue Star has offered campers the best of childhood—authentic summertime fun in a traditional Jewish camp setting. Herman Popkin and his two brothers, Harry and Ben, founded Blue Star in 1948 with a vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive Jewish camp community where children could learn about their shared history and culture. Today, Lauren Popkin Herschthal and Seth Herschthal continue to nourish this legacy, providing Blue Star campers with a safe, child-centered place to explore new interests and activities, discover talents, form lasting friendships and connect to their Jewish heritage. A "home away from home" for over sixty-eight years, Blue Star has infused the lives of generations of campers with positive values, traditions and spirit.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Blue Star's magnificent 500 acre campus and adjoining 10,400 acre forest preserve inspire campers to connect with the natural world, while providing every opportunity for extraordinary summer adventures and Jewish camping experiences. Our campers spend their days immersed in camp life; enjoying exciting new activities and sharing happy moments with camp friends. We capture the attention of young people when they are the most open-hearted to appreciating the power of friendship and personal accomplishment. Blue Star campers make summer memories that will last a lifetime!



A summer as a Blue Star staff member provides an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself, make a difference in the lives of children, and live in a close-knit camp community. And of course, a Blue Star summer is also loads of fun!

Working at Blue Star also allows you to gain "real life" skills. Blue Star hosts several customized, nationally-accredited training courses prior to camp each year including: American Red Cross Life Guard Training, First Aid and CPR, WMA Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid, Certified Horsemanship Association Certification Clinic, North Carolina Epinephrine training, and NC Safety and Health Council Car and Van Driving Course, as well as several others. We cover the cost of training for staff members and encourage you to develop your talents and abilities!

Many Blue Star staff members return year after year. Some are long time campers who return to "give back" to our camp community, and others are newcomers to Blue Star. We have a staff alumni pool of over ten thousand, and because we hire applicants from all over the world, our Blue Star family extends across the globe! Our staff hail from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and Russia.

We are looking for caring, hard-working, and energetic individuals. If you feel you have something special to offer and are genuinely willing to give your best to make a positive impact on children, please get in touch. It is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. We hope to hear from you soon!