Blue-Med Africa

Blue-Med Africa is a Ghanaian Non – Governmental, non – profit, developmental and humanitarian organization made up of young and vibrant nurses, medical doctors, social workers and volunteers.

Blue-Med Africa is a humanitarian responsible for providing volunteers as a tool in national development in Ghana. We are noted for the first class treatment rendered to our volunteers. We belief in working at the grassroots level where healthcare and developmental projects are most needed and bring hope to the forgotten poor.

Our mission

Blue-Med Africa supports the reduction of morbidity and mortality among the youth, women and the society at large through education, advocacy, provision of self supporting skills education about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Malaria and Tuberculosis which are on the rise in the country.

Volunteer Projects

Blue-Med Africa has a special placement for medical students ,Nurses, doctors, and students in general in our various hospitals, clinics and health centers to help Improve quality healthcare especially children, mothers and youth . Volunteers who have health care backgrounds and those that do not have but with wishing to work in health sector will be giving basic lessons before their placement.

Task To Be Performed

* Monitoring of vital signs
* Assisting with minor surgeries
* Dressing of wounds
* Admission and discharge of patients
* Assisting in community psychiatric health
* Health education

Volunteer Teaching and Mobile School

Blue-med Africa has made special provisions with some junior and senior high schools for volunteers to teach students English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology etc. Volunteers are involved in both the cities and rural communities where teachers are badly needed.

It’s surprising to see where these children live and are desperately ready to learn.

Task to be performed:

* Teaching (English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology)
* Coaching and sports
* Games teaching
* Computing Instructor

Volunteer Care and Orphanage

Volunteers are placed at orphanages and care centers where they are assigned to different duties on rotational basis. Volunteers will spend time providing companionship to both orphans and children in the larger communities

Volunteers will help the orphans organize activities and also have the opportunity to listen to the life challenging stories of the orphans and even serve as a mentor. The orphans are led to places of interest to share and talk one-on-one.

Task to be performed:

* Teaching and helping in daily life skills
* Internet/computer instructor
* Creative, etc
* Music and dance
* Arts
* Sports and games

Volunteer Medical Outreach/Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
Blue-Med Africa medical outreach team is a dynamic team of health care professionals dedicated to providing quality service to children, youth and the entire country.This team is made of medical doctors, registered general nurses, community health nurses, psychiatric nurses, pharmacists, social service workers, ect.

We have found out that, there is a profound lack of sexual health knowledge among the youth in Ghana indicated by the increase in teenage pregnancy and unknown STI/HIV/AIDS status. Blue-Med Africa therefore carries out weekly medical outreach to impoverished communities where youth lack access to healthcare. We organize adolescent sexual and reproductive health education in schools and communities at large. Therefore volunteers are needed to help us in these projects in order to reach more communities.

Task to be performed:

* Free blood pressure check
* Free blood sugar check
* Free HIV/Hepatitis B check
* Physical examination from head to toe of school children
* Referral of complicated cases to appropriate facilities
* Health education on tropical diseases & personal hygiene
* Education on STIs and safer sex practices
* Condom promotion and distribution
* Follow-up to referred cases both at the community level and schools.
* Child welfare clinic
* Wound dressing for school children

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