Bjørkhaugen Biodynamic Farm

Bjørkhaugen Biodynamic Farm is a small family farm, situated in the fjord landscape of Central Norway.

The farm's location, 1 km from Trondheim fjord and 150 m above sea level, gives  marvellous views the whole year round.

With total area of ca. 60 ha, Bjørkhaugen biodynamic farm is relatively small. The whole farm is run on the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Our aim is to be as many-sided as possible. We have milk production with 10 cows and 2 working horses.  Both the cattle, altogether around 30 animals, and the  horses are of  traditional Norwegian races.

We grow vegetables for our own use and produce our own firing and building wood.

We try to develop a consequent ecological lifestyle  in  our householding and  our use of energy and resources.


Do you wish to help and learn on a small biodynamic farm in Norway?

We  are looking for people who are interested to spend some time with us on the farm and learn about biodynamic/organic farming.

There are plenty of things to do and it is very important to be able to enjoy working and learning new things.

The types of work vary depending on the season of the year.

Some of the activities are:

  • milking, feeding the cows and horses and mucking out in the cow stable
  • pasture work (making and repairing fences, ecological weed control)
  • garden work (preparing the garden beds, planting out, weeding, harvesting)
  • application of biodynamic preparations in the garden and on the compost
  • berry picking
  • building work
  • forest work, making firewood
  • bread baking, food processing

To those living and working with us we can provide organic/biodynamic food, mostly from own production, and simple accomodatio,n but no additional payment, appart from food and accomodation, because most of our work goes to produce what we ourselves use and need (food, firewood...).

We try to be consequent in ecological lifestyle:

  • We have only dry composting toilets on the farm and a Finnish sauna with a real Finnish sauna stove - no warm shower though!
  • In winter our rooms get warmed up by wood-firing stoves.

   Knowledge of farm work is no condition, but we  indeed expect real and earnest interest in biodynamic and ecological farming  and lifestyle + a bit of practical sense.

A serious interest and motivation to learn about biodynamic/ecological agriculture is necessary. 


How to Apply

If you are interested, please write something about you:   

  • We need a short  CV of each applicant + a motivation letter (about why you wish to come, your interests in ecological and biodynamic agriculture).
  • Please specify which period you are applying for (when you can come and how long you can stay). The minimum for us is 3 months, because there is a lot to learn.

As farmers we are very busy, so we only answer those who have a real interest, send a CV and a motivation letter, can stay the minimum 3 months and specify the dates between which they are available.

Remember, this is a farm practice and education, not a job. Job applications will not be answered!

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