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Meet your favourite Australian Animals in a tropical bushland setting, on the shores of the billabong, where everyone is guaranteed a rewarding personal experience.



Volunteers are an important part of the team at Billabong Sanctuary and we welcome volunteers from all walks of life.

We have volunteer opportunities available in a range of areas, from assisting our Rangers with their day-to-day duties, to keeping our grounds in good shape and providing educational opportunities and resources.

Our volunteers spend their time at Billabong Sanctuary for a variety of reasons such as acquiring industry experience, completing University or TAFE placements or gaining the satisfaction that comes from working in a great environment with a great team.

Here at Billabong Sanctuary we have two types of volunteer programs available: Fixed Term and Continuing.

The Fixed Term program  is for a set duration of time (minimum of 10 working days) and is suitable for those seeking to complete a University or TAFE placement, international visitors who have a couple of weeks to spare and would like to get an authentic Australian experience and school leavers wishing to gain some industry experience.

The Continuing program is an ongoing arrangement with a minimum of an 8 hour day per fortnight (although at least one day a week is preferred). This is ideal for those living in Townsville who would like to gain the satisfaction of a long-term relationship with the Sanctuary, its staff and animals and provides opportunities for the development of advanced and specialist skills as part of our volunteer training program.

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