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Betel UK is an independent Christian charity for men, women and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Through work, well-being and worship, we restore broken lives.

With locations across the UK and Ireland, Betel UK offers a valuable public service to individuals, families and society by offering long-term freedom from serious addictions, instilling values and skills, and providing quality non-profit business services.

Betel UK needs your help to transform lives. Whether donating furniture, money or your time, you’ll be supporting a charity that’s entirely independent from government funding. Your generosity will help us restore many more broken lives.



We need interns, short term missionaries and gap year students – Christians willing to work alongside hurting men and women who are in the process of rebuilding their lives. We need servants able to disciple the desperately needy, to help plant churches, build businesses and engage the professional world. We need servants who are just as willing to demonstrate love holding a paintbrush or broom as they are preaching from an open Bible, servants whose highest calling is to set a humble example.

Today, in the 21st century, where can a true disciple serve?  Almost anywhere.  But some places and some peoples are especially needy.  We believe that Betel’s internship program is a doorway into ‘daring Christian service’ among some of the most neglected and marginalized people groups in the world.


What We Offer

We offer short and long-term internship opportunities. We recommend a three to six month commitment for the maximum benefit of our internship program, but feel free to communicate with us if your individual situation requires flexibility. An internship with Betel will provide you with practical hands-on training for a future in full-time missions, social work or social justice. For internships in the UK we offer orientation start dates each year in February, June and September.  Start dates in other countries where we offer internships may be  more flexible due to program differences from country to country.

Hands-on Discipleship!
You will have the opportunity to ‘Be Jesus’ in everyday, real-life situations, by working, living and worshiping alongside those whose broken lives are being restored.

Christian Community!
You’ll learn to apply the scriptures within a context of living in a dynamic, inspiring and life-changing environment.

Servant Leadership!
Leading by humble example, you will be able to apply your giftings by assisting others in areas such as sharing the Word, serving on worship teams, applying business skills in Betel’s charitable businesses, and more. Whatever your skill, Betel’s diverse ministry environment will put it to work. We require mechanics, tradesmen, accountants and book-keepers, media & marketing specialists, IT workers, medical staff, farm managers and many more skilled workers who are willing to serve!

Cross-Cultural Experience!
Live and serve in a culture different from your own. Betel internship opportunities exist in the United Kingdom, Spain, India, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Minimal Cost!
Betel will provide you with free board and lodging as a working member of our community. You’ll only need to pay for travel to and from Betel, and any out-of-pocket expenses while you are with us (for days off, sightseeing, toiletries, etc).

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