Internships in the USA

The United States is one of the most popular destinations to join an internship in the world and it is easy to see why. You can find summer and year round internships some of which are paid which are perfect if you are looking to boost your CV, gain experience and learn new skills.


Intern & Work Experience Placements in the USA

How to Intern in the USA

USA Internships

Sometimes you can choose a internship location to live, but other times this is determined by where a company is based. Here is a run down of the top places we recommend...


Internships in the United States for Foreigners

Over 10,000 people were placed on internships in the USA last year and there are various different internships available to join in a wide range of fields and industries including business, media, television, journalism, tourism, hospitality and more. You could find yourself interning in world famous cities like New York.

There are so many reasons why you should want to intern in the United States including:

  • Experience life in a new country and gain vital skills and a CV entry which will look amazing
  • Make new professional business connections, perfect if one day you would like to live and work here permanently
  • The USA has the largest economy in the world
  • See famous sights in your spare time - experience the famous American culture
  • Perfect way to spend a productive gap year in the USA
  • Gain a unique perspective into working and life in the States
  • Make new friends, meet and mix with locals

Internships programs are a great way to build valuable international work experience which will make you stand out to future employers, we also have flexible placements perfect for students, graduates, gap years and summer. 


Types of Placements

  • Administration, Business, Accounting, Finance
  • Arts, Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Media, Photography, Publishing, PR, Sales
  • Architecture 
  • Biology, Medical & Healthcare, Vetinerary 
  • Engineering 
  • Education, Social Work
  • Environmental 
  • Hotel & hospitality, human resources
  • IT, Creative, Graphic & Interior Design, Fashion 
  • Law & Human Rights 
  • Linguistics, Translation
  • Sports 
  • Sustainable Development, Tourism 


Internships in the USA for Students

Looking to do something benefical for your future and gain practical hands on work abroad experience? The USA is easily one of the best internship destinations in the world. Most people who apply for internships programs Stateside are students from countries like the UK, we have some fantasic programmes available to international students which can be joined anytime. You will be able tain professional work experience in the USA in an area of your interest and enhance your future career prospect. There are lots of placements where you can apply for and if successful work as an intern in a American company.

You will gain hands on experience, experience a new working environment/culture, get training to help your development and learn new practical skills. These placements are a fantastic opportunity to see up close the day-to-day operations for a US based company, learn from managers and experienced staff, get an entry on your CV, gain new links and contacts, improve your busness skills and improve career opportunities. Some companies offer structured internships to students where you get a guaranteed interview with an employer before leaving, airport pick up, accommodation, meals, pre-departure help and advice, orientation, training, help setting up a bank account and social insurance number and 24 hour support.



  • Open to international staff and native US citizens
  • Involved in an internship or training program related to your studies (Interns) or professional experience (Trainees)
  • Be eligble for a J-1 Visa if you live outside the USA
  • To apply for one of our intern abroad programs in the USA you will need to be proficient in both verbal and written English
  • Willing to work in teams , open to learning and be highly motivated
  • Our placements are open to UK and worldwide students/graduates - if you are a Canadian, Australian, Indian citizen you will need to check your visa information 
  • Have a 1-12 month internship placement already prepared (you can arrange this through our website)
  • Have an eligible host employer - your Internship must be related to your past work/study experience
  • Be available to be interviewed in person or over the phone
  • Have sufficient support funds you stay


Interning in the USA with an Agency

Some companies offer USA Internship programmes where you will need to pay a joining fee, on these placements you will receive:

  • Confirmed internship placements 
  • Help with J-1 Visa sponsorship (this is very important, without you will not be able to enter the country and intern) 
  • Advice and help with the application process e.g. visiting the US embassy
  • Shipping of DS-2019 confirmation (this is what you need to visit and work in the USA)
  • Online information and participant handbook containing useful details
  • Insurance
  • Emergency contact and support whilst in the USA - 24 hours a day



  • Language: Fluent English
  • Salary: Some unpaid, paid and also some rembursments
  • Working Week: Ususally 10-40 hours
  • Program Length: Generally 1-12+ months
  • Accommodation: This can be arranged independently or via an employer with an apartment, home-stay or shared accommodation


How to Apply

You can search top rated placements on our directory. You will need to make an online application, sometimes a CV / cover letter will be required and a phone/skype interview. If you need any help arranging an internship in the United States please get in touch.


USA Internship Reviews

If you have ever been to intern in the USA and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations get in touch. You can find reviews of the best USA intern programs on our directory.


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