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We really care about your travel, your journey, YOU! With stores Australia-wide and a growing global network our well-travelled, experienced and passionate staff are there every step of the way - we speak your language, be part of our world.

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Great for Budget Travellers

I went on a tour with Backpackers World in June of this year - having living/studying in Sydney for 5 months I decided it was time to see the rest of the amazing country, and experience some warmer weather!

Backpackers World were definitely the cheapest 'tour' operators we came across. Whilst you won't actually be guided round as such, their travel experts book you into hostels, day trips and experiences, and sort out all your transport for you, taking the hassle outing of planning such a trip. They send you all your vouchers and itinerary, and all you have to do is simply go.

We decided to spend just over two weeks travelling from Cairns to Brisbane, a slightly shortened version of a trip advertised on their site which involved going from Cairns to Sydney. This was another great thing about their company - budget issues meant that we couldn't afford the whole trip, but the experts easily allowed us to chop and change the trip to fit what we really wanted to do and our money allowances.

All the hostels we stayed in were fine - they are hostels so don't expect too much glamour! However they fit our needs perfectly and the location for the Magnetic Island hostel is just amazing. There is a lot of bus travel, including some 13 hour journeys that aren't for the fainthearted. However, once you reach your locations it definitely makes up for it.

I'd recommend Backpackers World to people who are on a budget, and don't have a lot of time to see destination they are in. You usually only spend a max of a few days in a location (personally not enough in my opinion) but it gives you a nice taster of the place for sure.

Most people we met along the trip were also travelling with Backpackers World, and were either English or European, so even if you are travelling alone there are plenty oppurtunites to meet new friends to accompany you for the rest of your trip. Oh, and definitely go on the Fraser Island camping trip - it's definitely an experience I'll never forget!

By: Mariah
Nationality: British
Age: 21

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