AVIVA is widely recognised as South Africa's leading volunteer organisation, and regularly receives world wide recognition for the service they provide to volunteers. AVIVA has featured in many International Magazines, Newspapers, South African Television, Animal Planet, National Geographic and local & international radio.

AVIVA work with grass roots projects that have evolved to meet real needs in the local community - so you can be sure that you will be contributing your time to a worthwhile and rewarding cause, and can make a meaningful contribution to its growth and future well being.

By working in partnership with projects that are genuinely committed to their cause, AVIVA are able to provide you with a unique travel experience that not only matches, but exceeds your expectations. Volunteer projects are available all year round and you can join AVIVA for 1 week or more. Previous experience is not required, just a good heart.

AVIVA provide you with a great choice of projects covering many aspects of wildlife conservation, eco-tourism and community work.

You can experience life on a game reserve, assist with valuable conservation research in the African bush, enhance the education of rural African children, help to rehabilitate wildlife, contribute to the development of children at a world famous orphanage, track & monitor endangered African wildlife and much more.

You can include any combination of projects, courses and tours during your stay, subject to availability and minimum project durations.

Depending on which project you choose, your volunteer fee will cover project donations, accommodation, food, equipment, excursions, tours, training and project orientation.

Being based in South Africa means that AVIVA do not have expensive offices to maintain overseas, ensuring that your entire volunteer fee goes directly into supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and providing essential support for many grass roots organisations in South Africa.

AVIVA are able to offer international volunteers the best possible combination of value and service, with South Africa's largest volunteer support team, dedicated volunteer accommodation, free fund raising assistance and access to MyTrip, your personalised online trip planner.