We want to see a world of healthy communities supported by active individuals. We support and expand the vital roles that volunteers play in creating healthy communities.

We believe that the world is a better place when no one feels like a “service user”. A world where everyone works together, and with a wider objective than just themselves, to build a better society for all. That may be a real cross-section of people together, such as with our member groups in hospitals, or one distinct community of interest, like our work supporting people with an acquired brain injury.

We believe that the “gift” relationship is really important in both shaping and supporting a healthy community. All our work has a gift relationship embedded in it, be it giving time, experience, or money. We believe that isn’t always easy for people, especially if they face challenges themselves and so we are particularly keen to support communities that are under-represented. This may be people that face physical or mental health issues. It may be people who are challenged by poor home circumstance, education and financial challenge.


Get Involved

There is always something happening at Attend. Whether it's an event, a project, some training, a conference or a volunteering opportunity, we hope there will be something you want to get involved with.


Volunteer With Us

Volunteering is at Attend's heart. Volunteers can be part- or full-time, anything from a few weeks to a few months. We welcome local people, graduates, international interns or professionals, seeking to bolster their skills and use the experience as a pathway to recovery.