Following centuries of nearly continuous foreign domination, a free and independent Armenia was reborn on September 21, 1991. Confronting the legacy of genocide, natural disaster, war, emigration, and the transition from a post-Soviet economy, Armenia has made tremendous progress in the years since independence.

Much, however, remains to be done, and the Armenian Volunteer Corps provides innumerable service opportunities for those willing to meet the rewarding challenges of nation building. Living and working in Armenia is not simply fulfilling – it is an investment in the future of the Armenian nation.

AVC’s motto – Come Move Mountains – is achieved each day by the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated volunteers. Please join us!

AVC accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, allowing complete flexibility.

Short-term placements typically range anywhere from one to two-month terms, allowing just enough time for volunteers to gain a better understanding of Armenia. Volunteers may serve in more than one placement in a variety of community service projects.

Long-term placements, which range from two months to one year, provide a greater opportunity to build relationships and match one's particular expertise to the needs of a group in Armenia. Long-term volunteers often handle multiple assignments in order to gain exposure to different aspects of Armenian life. Volunteers find that the longer the service term, the greater the effects and benefits of one’s service.

Through a comprehensive volunteer application process, the AVC examines applicants’ qualifications and skills and then matches them to available positions. In suggesting job placements to successful applicants, AVC considers the skills and interests of the volunteers, as well as the particular requirements of the community in which they will be placed.

The AVC has relationships with numerous organizations and businesses in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia; therefore the diversity of opportunity is limitless. We strongly recommended volunteers explore opportunities of living and working outside Yerevan, where the impact of one’s service is much more dramatic.

The majority of volunteer placements can be found in the following areas: art institutes, architectural firms, agricultural, business development, community-based organizations, computer training, governmental ministries, international organizations, local NGO’s, law offices, local charities, museums, social work, teaching, tourism, universities, youth work, and writing/translations.