Like all not-for-profit organizations, that run international volunteer programs,
Anam-Nagar-Polyclinic volunteer programs are driven entirely by volunteer

Thus, we charge our volunteers a nominal amount for raising funds, needed
to carry out all of our many projects, but we are keeping the costs as low
as possible, which is also a difficult task in itself. The Volunteer
Program is available from 4 to 18 weeks and fees range from 450 Euro to 950
Euro. They have to be paid upon arrival in Kathmandu.

Training week includes - Day 1 - airport pickup, introduction to programme
and activities, meet guest family and local volunteer partner, information
books on language and culture, welcome dinner with guest family and
programme co-ordinator.

Day 2-7 - Two hours basic language course and one hour Nepali culture
course. Sight seeing, Nepalese cooking course, culture evening, talk from
local Doctor about the healthcare system.

It is an extraordinary experience to live in a rural Nepalese village for
some time. While staying in a traditional Nepalese house you will get to
know more about simple-Nepalese lifestyle and the daily activities in a
rural area of the Kathmandu valley. There you can enjoy the peaceful
village area, the beautiful landscape and the fascinating nature. One or
two days are planned for hiking with a guide, if you wish to do so. Also
you have the opportunity to visit a village school and a local health post.
The last two days of the orientation phase are for your free time, so that
you can discover Kathmandu city by yourself.

Your working time will be eight hours daily, five to six days a week. You
have the opportunity to change your working placement for the second half,
if you would like to get to know more about another working area. For
further information about the volunteer work you can contact us:

We are able to accept volunteers with an offending background. Please
contact us to discuss.


None required.

No restrictions, but if a volunteer has any problems, they must inform us
prior to arrival. Any support they amy need would be additional cost.

1 week, 450€. 2 weeks, 575€. 3 weeks, 700€. 4 weeks, 825€. 5 weeks, 950€.
Plus travel to Nepal, travel insurance, immunisation fees, trekking fees,
visa for 90 days and transport to and from your work placement.

Seasonal clothes and sleeping bags required.

It is volunteers responsibility to obtain insurance cover.


Totals Projects Worldwide: 1
Total UK Projects: 0
Total No. of Volunteers Placed Each Year: 70-150
18-25 Year Old Volunteers Placed Each Year: 60-125

Work Alone or With Others
With others.

Airport pickup, basic language and culture course, information books, admin
support, local volunteer partnership, sight seeing tour, culture evening,
Nepalese cooking course, 5 day village homestay, 2 days in Chitwan, 3 days
in Pokhara, picnic day and accommodation Nepalese guest family including
two meals/day.

Extra Location Information

Selection and Support
No interview.

Local language training and training in local culture. Nepalese cooking

We keep records of work.

Debriefing / Certificates
Our organising team take care of debriefing. We provide a certificate for
all volunteers.

Disabled Policy
There are palcement suitable for volunteers with a disability in health and
training programmes.

Village homestay and Nepalese guest.