During the first 7 weeks, you’ll learn the building blocks of programming and for the last 5 weeks, you can choose to specialize in an area of your preference and sharpen your focus (Option 1: Front End Development; Option 2 Mobile development Xamarin/Android; Option 3: Mobile development Xamarin/iOS).

Our program is designed with workshops and DIY projects with partners and locals to keep you ON, 24/7 and is based on close and personalized tutoring, helping every student come out with the skills needed to build a future in the tech-world.

Code Village provides you with a whole package: code classes, food, accommodation and a tourism twist including radical sports (surfing, karting, etc.) and cultural experiences (wine tasting, bread making, etc.). All of this while you get to live with like-minded people from all walks of life in one of Europe’s UNESCO heritage locations, the medieval citadel of Óbidos, Portugal (45 min from Lisbon).