Teenagers go to Aldea Yanapay to receive help with their homework, have English lessons, craft art projects, or just play games. Volunteers of all ages come from all over the world to spend time getting to know the children during their time off of school, work, and whatever else. This social project is far more than a place to spend your time off, it is a place to build your family, your friends and your life.

The morning shift at Aldea Yanapay is from 8.30am – 11:30am and the afternoon shift is from 3pm – 5pm. Each day there are seperate classes for Yanapitas (5-8 years) and Yanapasos (9-14) There are art classes that each volunteer prepares in advance (normally a small lesson and a craft to match), library classes where the children complete homework for school (books and a desktop computer are available for research if necessary), games class which is divided into , educational and recreational, a one-on-one tutoring class and computers class. The second part of the program is dedicated to a circle of expression, which surrounds the expression of each child as well as the listening of his or her fellow classmates. 

Simultaneously, you can enjoy great food, in a fun environment, while supporting the Aldea Yanapay social projects at the Aldea Yanapay Restaurant. The menu includes delicious Peruvian as well as international selections. The environment will make you feel like a child again with books, games, and lively decoration. All profits are used to finance an after school program and cultural house. All volunteers are appreciated and desired in Villa Magica, a hostel that is centrally located with wifi, a television, running water, a courtyard, dining room and tons of rooms to store your belongings. The profits made at la Villa Magica go directly to social project, as well. Aldea Yanapay Restaurant and Villa Magica Hostel are the sole proprieters of funds for the social project.

Aldea Yanapay provides alternative ways of life through love, ethics, discipline and responsibility; all of which are based in an effective use of the material, cultural and spiritual resources that each person or community possesses.