Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Studying Spanish in Guatemala will give you the opportunity to integrate into a new culture, meet new people and experience something totally new. You can find lessons in the best places to study Spanish in Guatemala in places like Antigua, Coban, Huehuetenango, Lake Atitlan, Monterrico (Pacific coast), Petén and Quetzaltenango. Most language schools offer packages which include lessons, accommodation, meals and also excursions. 


Spanish Language Courses in Guatemala

Find language classes from the best Spanish language schools in Guatemala.

Study Spanish in Guatemala

Guide to Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Language schools in Guatemala are dedicated to creating a friendly environment for students so you can improve your language skills and experience the culture and tradition of the country. There are group and one-on-one classes available, you can choose to tailor a course to fit around your time frame and availability. If you have no experience then you might want to join a beginners course but there are also more advanced options available too.

You will be able to become fluent in Spanish getting to converse with fellow students, teachers and local people. You can also choose different subjects of which you want to learn e.g. medicine, social work, law, and accounting. The price really depends on which school you sign up with, where you study and how long you want to stay for. Guatemala is a really up and coming country to visit, it is also very safe. Booking a course is an effective and enjoyable way to imrpove your Spanish language skills whilst getting to live and experience Guatemala. This will be the experience of a lifetime!


Spanish Language Courses Guatemala

Popular Places to Study Spanish in Guatemala

Other Locations

  • Quetzaltenango
  • Lake Atitlan
  • Huehuetenango
  • Coban
  • Petén
  • Monterrico (Pacific coast)
  • Guatemala City
  • Mixco
  • Villa Nueva
  • Petapa
  • San Juan Sacatepéquez
  • Villa Canales
  • Escuintla
  • Chinautla
  • Chimaltenango
  • Antigua


Guatemala Spanish language classes

Top Reasons to Book a Language Course in Guatemala

  • You will get tuition from some of the very best teachers in the region and also a professional experience from the moment you arrive
  • Course prices for this country are very cheap compared to other countries
  • Accommodation is great value
  • Visit or stay in spectacular places 
  • Immerse yourself in the country and culture
  • Make new friends


Recommended Spanish Language Schools in Guatemala

There are hundreds of schools in Guatemala, here are some of the best ones...


Spanish Language Schools in Cobán

  • Muqb´ilb´e Spanish School
  • School of Arts and Language


Spanish Language Schools in Flores, Petén 

  • Dos Mundos Spanish School


Spanish Language Schools in Huehuetenango

  • Xinabajul Spanish Academy


Spanish Language Schools in Monterrico

  • Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico


Spanish Language Schools in Panajachel & San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

Possibly one of the most laid back destinations in Guatemala to learn Spanish, you can study at one of the small towns surrounding Lake Atitlan. This is the ultimate kick back and relax destination where you will be able to focus 100% on learning.

  • Guatemaya Spanish School
  • San Pedro Spanish School
  • Spanish School Jabel Tinamit


Spanish Language Schools in Quetzaltenango

  • Asociación Pop Wuj
  • Celas Maya Spanish School
  • El Quetzal Spanish School
  • ICA Spanish School
  • La Democracia Spanish School
  • Proyecto Lingüistico Quetzalteco de Español
  • Sakribal Spanish School
  • Sisay Escuela de Español
  • Ulew-Tinimit Spanish School


Cost of Spanish Courses in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the cheapest places to take a Spanish course in Central America and the world. Course price depends on the type of course, duration and location. Generally you can expect to pay around £100 - £300 (US$150 - $400) per week.



Spanish Courses in Guatemala

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