There are more jobs than there are kitesurf instructors out there, and it is always kitesurfing season somewhere in the world! Our fast track kitesurf instructor course can take you from absolute beginner to IKO kitesurf instructor in 12 weeks. Or if you already have some kitesurfing experience, we can tailor the course to take you forward from whatever stage you have reached. 

Based on the Karikari Peninsua in the Far North of New Zealand, the temperatures are subtropical, the sand is white and the sea is turquoise - and it's usually windy. Kari means wind, so the Karikari Peninsua is windy windy! Because we are on a peninusla we have beaches facing in all directions for different wind types. This gives us a massive range of conditions, from flat water to waves and open beaches to harbours. Together with the opportunity to use different types of equipment, the range of conditions and regular winds enable students to achieve a level of experience that would take years in the UK, in a matter of weeks in New Zealand.

Students live an off grid, outdoor lifestyle right by the beach, and receive a mixture of practical and classroom training - mostly practical because that's the fun bit! But the theory element makes them great instructors.