Afrik'Avenir is a non-profit, international solidarity organization based in Lome, Togo's capital. It aims to promote sustainable development in Togo by helping support, improve and develop education, culture, tourism and ecology.

Some of its actions have included: - Providing tutoring and language classes for students - Establishing a diagnosis of the educative system in Lome to better identify and adress the real needs and demands of schools, teachers and students - Introducing high school students to different forms of artistic professions while allowing local artists to share their experience and become better known - Teaching villagers in rural areas how to make organic compost and use it to improve their crops in an environment-friendly way ... Afrik'Avenir is constantly looking to expand its fields of action and is actively searching for interns and volunteers to help in accomplishing this mission.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that «each person has the right to education» and that it must « be free, at least in regards to elementary and fundamental teaching. Today, even if the situation of education in developing countries has improved, there are still 700 million adults (two thirds of which women) who do not possess basic skills in reading and writing. In addition to this, the teaching of science, art and languages still constitutes a major challenge for developing countries who must train many future technicians, engineers, lawyers, writers, economists, artists, etc. in order positively develop the living and working conditions of their populations.

Afrik’Avenir is an international solidarity non-profit organization that intervenes in several domains, including education, culture, sustainable tourism and environment. It works with local education actors in Lomé, the area of Kpalimé and Kara to fight illiteracy in local communities and to help strengthen the educative system in general. Its goal is to improve the situation of children and adults in Togo through a humanitarian aid focused on fighting illiteracy and supporting education. In order to reach this goal, Afrik’Avenir first decided to conduct a diagnosis of the Togolese educative system in order to evaluate the real demands and needs of schools and local populations regarding education.

The result of five months of observations and analysis of the educative field of Lomé was a thorough report thats purpose is to underline Afrik’Avenir’s possible areas and means of action to support and improve education; as well as to define a model of study that can be applied to other Togolese cities or regions. Afrik’Avenir’s education project first consisted in the establishment of a diagnosis of Lomé’s educative system. The objective of this analysis was to identify the real demands and needs of schools, teachers and students.

This step was crucial because no field study had ever been conducted by a Togolese organization, meaning humanitarian actors intervened in regards to education without knowing or taking into account the necessities and concrete demand of populations. The following goal is to use the courses of action highlighted in the report to intervene in a useful and beneficial manner in schools and, more widely, local communities. In order to accomplish this, Afrik'Avenir is searching for volunteers and interns for its educational branch as well as for its other branches which include promotion of local culture and art; sustainable tourism developped with local communities; and sustainable agriculture.


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