African Sunrise Volunteers

African Sunrise is an all-female company based in Observatory, Cape Town.

We place interns, volunteers, field studies groups and Bachelor Thesis students at projects that match specific criteria and requirements of each person. African Sunrise's main goal is to provide you with a life-changing experience where you will make a real difference in the lives of some of Cape Town's most vulnerable people.

African Sunrise works on the premise that a successful volunteering, internship or field studies experience can only happen when a person is matched with the right organisation and project initiative for their needs. We won't place anyone at an unsuitable project, and we liaise with every prospective volunteer, student or intern thoroughly before a final decision is made. If it doesn't add value to everyone involved, then it's not part of who we are as a company.

The African Sunrise team's approach differs from other volunteering companies. We all spend a lot of time with the organisations we work, offering assistance wherever we can. That's because we all have backgrounds in the NPO sector or have spent time volunteering. We understand how difficult it can be to set up and run an organisation. We attend every event and get as involved as much as possible.

African Sunrise is part of this positive move towards an equal society, not just in Cape Town, but all over South Africa. Genuine change can only happen when the participants speak and live their truth. Our truth is simple - we can only create meaningful experiences by being involved in the process 100%.

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African Sunrise Volunteers Reviews

My experience with Africa Sunrise Volunteers

I did my last practice in health care in Cape Town with Africa Sunrise. Before departing, I didn't really knew what to expect but the company placed me with a good host family, practice and were very helpful.
I got the opportunity to see a different environment, culture and another way of nurturing, which developed me as a person. I felt safe in Cape Town and got to do lots of excursions so we could see and understand as much as possible of the country.
African Sunrise is a company that helped me do something beneficial for other people. I will use them again in the future as I want to go back and volunteer in South Africa.

By: Sabina
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 19

African Sunrise Intern Program Review

I am studying social work in Sweden and I did an internship with African Sunrise at a children’s home in Cape Town. African Sunrise is the perfect organization to go with if you are planning to do an internship in South Africa. They’ll help you with everything from accommodation, your internship placement and arrange things to do in your spare time.

By: Kajsa
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 25

Internship Rehab Center

I spent ten marvellous weeks in Cape Town 2018 as an intern at a drug rehab Center. The African Sunrise organized everything very well and made my stay in SA well worth the expense. Not only in terms of learning experience at the very well matched place of internship, but also as organisers of social events and possibilities to meet and see other aspects of everyday life in Cape Town.
If you hesitate, don't!
Go for it!

By: Lisa Hellsten Reuber
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 53

Internship 2018/2019

I did my internship through African Sunrise between aug -18 and jan -19 in Cape town. It is easy to say that i had the time of my life and i would recommend everyone to do the same. It's different and though but it is also very educational and amazing. Cape town is an amazing city. But because you get to do your internship in or near the cape flats you get to see what's behind the beautiful surface, which is a rare opportunity.

African sunrise were a perfect support when i needed advise, help, and company. They gave me a possibility to see cape town the way it's supposed to be seen. They gave me a possibility to see all of cape town. Im forever grateful!

By: Beatrice
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 24

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