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Academia Columbus currently has Spanish language learning centers located in 3 different Latin America countries.

Our current locations are situated in Costa Rica (Santo Domingo de Heredia), Ecuador (Quito), and Mexico (Playa del Carmen). At our Spanish language schools you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish at any time during the year in small group setting or in private classes. Our Spanish language schools are located in excellent facilities and are close to sites of interest and your chosen accommodations.

At Academia Columbus you will work with teachers who have had years of experience teaching Spanish. Classes start EVERY Monday of the year, and are open to individuals of every level of Spanish proficiency. While most of our students participate in our standard Spanish programs, many students opt to take specialized Spanish language classes. In addition to learning Spanish in Ecuador, Costa Rica or Mexico, you also have the opportunity to take part in an internship in various professional fields.

All three Spanish school locations enchant their visitors with their distinctive culture. Their wealth of history and lively customs which are full of traditions combined with modern day living make our school's locations attractive travel sites for people to learn Spanish. Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador have in-depth diversity among their people and natural flora and fauna.

Many people choose to study Spanish abroad in Ecuador, Costa Rica or Mexico for their natural beauty. These world-class destinations provide students with many national parks to visit when not studying Spanish in the classroom. The Spanish spoken in these three countries is clear and easy to understand. We offer Spanish schools in safe cities that are welcoming to foreigners. Learn Spanish with Academia Columbus and see for yourself!

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