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Absolute Africa - committed to affordable prices for your Africa trip

Our team has over 30 years of experience, having travelled solely in Africa since the late 70's arranging overland tours, safaris, beach breaks as well as Kilimanjaro treks

Visiting all the big game parks - Serengeti and the Masai Mara for the migration, Kruger, Etosha, Chobe, the Okavango Delta and many more. Gorilla trekking, rhino trekking. Travelling to Zanzibar Island - the exotic Indian Ocean spice Island, Victoria Falls - one of the natural wonders of the world, Lake Malawi, the big dunes of Namibia and Cape Town

With treks run by our own local trekking team to Kilimanjaro, the "roof of Africa", short safaris in 4X4's, Zanzibar and Kenyan coast beach breaks, a bunch of wild adventure sports and much much more!

Offices in Tanzania and London. We cover this unique continent at unbeatable prices to make your dream safari come true. Talk with us now about the journey of a lifetime.


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Absolute Africa Reviews

Incredible experience

I did chose to go on the 69 day Rwanda to Cape Town tour and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I met some of the most fantastic people, made life long friends, and saw the most incredible places. I got to see all the things I came to Africa for and I got to do it in a safe way.
I couldn’t be happier that I chose this company, all the team members were amazing, some who I am even still in contact with. Absolute really listens to your needs and bends over backwards to help you with what you want. Planning this trip was easy with the help they gave me and even once I was on the trip they listened to my needs.
I cannot recommend absolute Africa more. I feel sorry for anyone who chose another company (and paid more to do so too).
If you want to have the best experience possible, go with absolute.

By: Renee
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

I absolutely loved Africa

This was such a great experience, me and my husband had an amazing time and Absolute Africa was a very authentic to explore Africa!

By: Sorina Fredholm
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 37

Amazing experience!

I climbed Kilimanjaro and did a six week overland trip in 2017 with Absolute Africa! I couldn't have asked for a better trip!
When I first strted lookong at overlands in Africa nothing really jumped out at me, and when it came to Kilimanjaro everything was a cluster! Absolute Africa was friendly from the start! They answered all my questions via chat and helped me plan my trip around what I wanted to see and the amount of time I had in Africa!
I met the most amazing people, and had the time of my life! Friends of mine are already on another trip with Absolute, more are going next month, and I am returning in a couple years!
Book with Absolute Africa! You won't find anything close when it comes to price and experience!

By: Meg
Nationality: Texas
Age: 28

Worth every penny

There are many overland companies that offer trips across Africa. in 2018 I undertook the Absolute Safari with Absolute Africa which is a 73 day trip from Nairobi to Cape Town. Its worth noting that the different companies who run this or a very similar itinerary, vary hugely in price. Absolute is budget, and doesnt pretend to be anything else. Everyday you will have to cook (as a group) your own meals and put up your own tents - an aspect of the trip I wanted, other companies for example will provide a cook onboard - however you have to pay far more! The trip provided amazing opportunities for safari and other activities and I was fortunate to have an amazing group, (pretty) diverse in age and nationality. We visited Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zam and Zim, Botswana, Namibia and SA. I saw everything I could have wished too, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Gorilla, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe etc, as well as amazing sights such as Vic Falls, Zanzibar and Ngorongoro Crater. Its also worth mentioning to any potential suitors, that Absolute does not consider its trips to be wild parties etc... However it can be, a number of the campsites/hostels do have bars, our group had many birthdays and in some places they offer 'sunset cruises', so as the groups tend to have a majority age range of say 25-35, there can be some late and entertaining nights and you should be open to participate or respect the right to party! I have plenty of pictures and many a story to tell, so if you would like any more info @djplumb on insta!

By: Daniel
Nationality: British
Age: 25

The time of my life

My love to Africa started when I was 17 years old, since then I visited the continent around 7 times and "dragged" my husband with me as soon as I had the chance. For our honeymoon we were looking for our absolut dream itinerary which would go from Nairobi to Cape Town - we found several tour operators that offer this route however the response time and the quality of information that we got for the office from Absolut Africa was by far the best and fastest. So it was soon very clear that we would embark our journey with Absolut Africa.
We were overland tour virgins, so we had no idea what would expect us - but this did not keep us from going all in - we booked the Absolute Safari from Nairobi to Cape Town in 93 days. We did some volunteer projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia before but we always stayed pretty independent even there (Southern Africa we explored on our own).

We realised on the first day in Nairobi that our guide, Manache, is an absolut gem. After 93 days on the road with him we both basically wanted to marry him. Hes sooo much fun, hes extremely helpful, he always had an answer to our questions, always a solution to our problems, always an open ear for our needs. Hes an absolut professional, brutally organised, we always felt 200% safe and well taken care of.
Also our group was awesome. Good age mixture, from 22 to 60 years we had every age, good mixture of nationalities - hell we made friends for life on that trip.
And well, the itinerary is beyond! 2 years after the trip I sometimes still can not believe that I went to all these amazing places (The Masai Mara, the Serengeti, the Mountain Gorillas, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, Etosha just to mentioned the most known ones!).
If you are looking at the trip with Absolut Africa, don`t think much longer, just book, I promise, you will have the time of your life!

By: Tiziana
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 30

Absolute delight

I went on the Namibian Nomad tour which is a three week tour that joins an initially longer one. People were so welcoming and amazing! I had previously requested to Absolute Africaif we could visit both tribes found in Namibia and Bostwana, the San Bushmen & the Himbas and they accepted, adding the first tribe as an optional activity! I just loved how amazing the customer service was! Everything about the tour was great. The locations, the activities, the tour leaders, etc. When we had questions or needed hell they were always around. The one thing I wouldn’t recommend is the Cheetah Farm, it’s very unethical and I don’t believe people should pay to see wild animals domesticated by farmers for money. Apart from that, great food, good comfort. I would travel with them again and thanks again for making my request come true!!!

By: Jessyka
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 25

Best trip ever

We have been on a 59 day trip with Absolute Africa and we had such a beautifull and amazing trip.

We traveled with an overland truck and everything was really well arranged and the staff was so lovely!

We saw amazing places, animals and absolutely loved Africa.

If you want to travel to Africa and you want everything to be well prepared, then you should book with Absolute! Thank you so much for this wonderfull experience! (You can find our travelmovie on Youtube)

By: Romy
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 29

Book! You will not be disappointed

In 2015 I did the 73day tour with absolute africa from Kenya to Cape Town and wow what an experience! After searching around different travel companies and being decided on two I kept on coming back to absolute africa . My brother did a similar tour 27 years ago with absolute africa not long after there initial start up and always talks about his experience .

I have done a lot of travelling over the years but could not recommend absolute enough. From the initial booking I was well informed all the way through. I met some amazing people on the tour whom I have stayed friends with.
I returned to do a 3 week tour with absolute in 2017 taking my friend along with me to experience all that africa has to offer and she is now booking her second trip with the company also.
Africa is such a beautiful diverse continent , travelling here you will not be disappointed and I recommend absolute africa above the rest!

By: Jen
Nationality: British
Age: 33

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