We believe strongly in providing travelers with the knowledge and services necessary to reach all the sites and attractions worth visiting, even those off the beaten track. Our travel lectures, travelers desk, and fully guided and self guided tours, demonstrate our commitment to travelers. We can also arrange private tours and transportation on request.

When you travel with Abraham tours, we provide the tours and travel services directly to you. Our drivers, staff and guides share our joint commitment to making travel exciting and targeted towards independent travelers. We work with local partners and communities which ensures that the customer is catered for by those with the best knowledge of the specific area the tour is in, and with all the connections and expertise to make sure things run smoothly.


We cater to all the needs of a traveler!

Abraham Tours and Abraham Hostels is focused on catering to all the needs of independent and budget travelers. Because of our lengthy experience operating in the region, and our amazing network of tours, shuttles, hostels and partners, we’ll be able to help you with every facet of your trip.

Our list of extensive services includes;

  • Tours throughout Israel, Jordan, the West Bank (Palestinian Territories) and Egypt.
  • Hostels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nazareth!
  • Travel Desks in each hostel location providing extensive advice on travel in the region, booking accommodation or tours, where to eat/drink, phone and sim card rental or purchase.
  • Free Travel Lectures about traveling in the region, local language, culture and cuisine.
  • Transport options like Car Rental, or booking private vans and transport, or shuttle services.


We want you back!

We believe in the region’s great potential for travel, tours and adventure. There really is nowhere else in the world with such a rich mix of unique cultures, history, cuisine, religion and natural beauty. Unlike some holiday destinations, we operate in a location where visitors return frequently, and we want to make sure that when you return, our tours, services, and overall experience will meet and exceed your expectations.


Travel in comfort

Whether its the air-conditioned buses, comfy guesthouses and hostels, or the great food options we provide, we make sure that independent travelers enjoy all the benefits of group travel, plus some extras!


Cultural Immersion

Our unique style of tours provide for a real cultural immersion that tourists traveling on a large tour bus with a guide up front on a microphone, could never provide. Our political Dual-Narrative tours give multiple perspectives as well as leave you with a deeper understanding of the mindset and day-to-day lives of those involved.