Abofra Foundation

Abofra Foundation is a registered local non-profit organisation in Ghana seeking to improve the socio-economic well being of vulnerable and destitute children in towns and communities.

As a non profit organization we are focused on 3 major programs, which are Abofra Computer Training, Abofra Health Program (eg. mobility device for children, etc) and support for Orphanage.

The name Abofra means a child in the Akan(Twi) language in Ghana. The reason for the choice of name is that, children are the hope and future leaders of every town, community, country or nation. So the well-being of children are our great concern.



To promote holistic human transformation, human dignity and integrated development programs that focus on children.



To help create a better future for the children in our communities through computer training, health care and support for orphans.



To see a very developed and empowered children.


Our Programs

  • Abofra Computer Training
  • Abofra Health Program
  • Support for Orphans

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