Study Business Abroad

Ideal For

Studying business is ideal for anyone seeking a well respected career. Salaries are generally high if you work in business and there are lots of different areas where your skills can be put to use. There are foundation, degree level and advanced courses available all around the world. Some companies offer summer business courses perfect if you are a student keen to improve your skills.


What You Will Learn

Studying business will allow you to learn more about companies and different areas of operations including markets, management, customers, finance, operations, communication, information technology, marketing and business policy and strategy.


Popular Locations

You can book business courses in the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and worldwide.


Business Course Reviews

"I went to study International Business in Germany with IES Abroad on an English-speaking program my school offered. I loved the course, the curriculum, the professors and the whole experience. Absolute do this program if you get the chance." - Afton, USA


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