Work in the UAE: How to Get a Job and How Much Can You Earn

Work in the UAE: How to Get a Job and How Much Can You Earn

The United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest countries.

High oil earnings and the desire to become the hub of global tourism have played a significant role in the transformation of a desert into a sophisticated infrastructure and a burgeoning economy.

At the same time, immigrants hold roughly 90% of the employment available. As a result, acquiring a job in the UAE is not difficult.

We'll explain below who you can become and how much money you can make.


Best Places to Seek Employment

The larger cities are where most companies are based and jobs can be found:

  • Dubai 
  • Abu Dhabi


What Industries are in Demand?

Most often, workers in the service sector are required:

  • bartenders and waiters;
  • animators;
  • cooks;
  • sales consultants;
  • parking attendants;
  • administrators;
  • fitness trainers;
  • stewards and stewardesses.

One way or another, with knowledge of English, you can get a job almost anywhere.

Whether it's a flower shop in UAE, where you can work as a florist making wonderful bouquets of flowers or work on a flower delivery, or in any store / cafe / coffee shop and so on. Don't worry if you don't have the skills. The people here are very responsive and usually explain everything.

Among those who must be well-versed and have particular knowledge are IT specialists, programmers, doctors, teachers, builders, sales managers, and financiers.


What are Salaries like in the UAE?

There is no legal minimum wage in the UAE. However, if we look at average figures, the minimum wage in the service industry is $400-450 per month, and the average wage is $600-800. Higher-educated specialists who have the necessary experience may be paid up to $8,000.

Workers without skills are given the least. For instance, gardeners and cleaners might earn up to $400. But keep in mind that people who work in the service industry don’t have to pay for health insurance, housing and food, or transportation to and from work.

Remember that locals receive higher benefits in any case. For example, a foreign architect earns more than $3,000 in the UAE. Additionally, a local fire department worker at Sharjah Airport makes around $10,000 annually.


Do the UAE need Temporary Foreign Workers?

The Emirates are home to around 9 million people. Less than one-third of the area's population is occupied by locals. The majority covers temporary workers and vacationers.

It is absolutely easy to find a job in the service sector here. As we said, one of the sectors of the economy that the UAE government is betting on is tourism. As a result, there are many employment openings if your English is conversational and you are open to working in the service industry.

Moreover, if you have a higher degree and work in a field that is in demand, you can be confident that you will be able to obtain employment with a respectable income.


Requirements for Foreigners

Eligibility really depends on the role and employer. These are some tips for getting hired in the UAE:

English Proficiency
It is not at all necessary to speak Arabic. But you must speak English. The variety of positions accessible to you increases with level. There are jobs available for those who just speak basic English, but the pay will be less.

Pleasant Appearance
Most vacancies are in the service sector, so an attractive appearance is important.

In the bulk accept candidates from 18 to 30 years old. If we are talking about a highly qualified specialist – up to 35 years.


Apply to Work in the UAE

Finally, we want to say a few words about what its like to live and work in this popular Middle Eastern destination.

According to the UAE labor code, the working day lasts 8 hours. The exception is enterprises in the field of tourism and services: here the working day can be increased by an hour. Day off is one day a week (often Friday).

In most cases, the host company pays for the accommodation of a foreign employee, medical insurance, and sometimes meals.

Most businesses assign a probationary period when hiring, which can last up to six months. If the candidate is not suitable, he has the right to be fired within one day.


Living in the UAE

Working in the UAE can be a challenge at first. In addition to all the features of culture and legislation, year-round heat up to +50 °C and high humidity.

The cost of living can be high depending on where you choose to live but there are ways to enjoy places like Dubai on a budget. In return you get the ease of employment and opening a work visa, decent salaries and a "delicious" social package.

When living here you'll also get to experience amazing new places in your free time. Check out our guide to the best places to go in Dubai for inspiration.