For most women, feeding their children before themselves is thought as the strength for survival. However, it is through poor health and the lack of resources that leads those women back into poverty because they are too weak to work.

The idea of finding solutions to poverty is big and may sound somewhat impossible. This is especially true when you consider the 1 billion people living in developing countries and survive on less than $1 a day. Meanwhile, others or never one in eight people struggle to find enough food to eat.

Here are four ways we consider some of the best ways to help countries with high poverty rates.


1. Create More Jobs

Creating jobs will reduce the rate of poverty. As unemployment is the core of poverty, paid labor may be the only chance to improve their financial well-being.


2. Educate Women

Africa girl school

A girl’s education will impact their lives and the society around them. It is through having a degree that a woman will be linked to her age of marriage, health, diseases, social standing, and economic opportunities.


3. Raise the Wage

As an issue is for almost every country, this is especially needed in poor developing countries. Raising the wage will have the potential to increase the health and overall well-beings for families. When women are given equal access to education and decisions, they will go against poverty. This also goes for gender equality incomes as equal pay translates into better views on reducing poverty in the future.


4. Improve Water Sanitation

Access to clean water is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce poverty now and in the future. For this reason, women can use the time they usually spend on fetching water and produce more production in agriculture. Not only will the production increase in size, the cost of goods and services will also go down. With that, diseases will be less likely as poorly sanitised water is one of the top causes of health problems around the world.


5. Help NGO's

There are so many incredible NGO's and charities working on the ground all around the world improving lives, living conditions, infrastructure and education. Donations are always welcomed especially as most receive little or no governmental assistance. There is also the option to join volunteering abroad programs and play a small role in helping good causes.


What are your thoughts on these solutions? Comment below and let us know.