Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is Brazil's most famous destination and you can do more than just sitting on Copacobana beach, spend time actually doing something rewarding and volunteer to help local projects. This city is a world famous destination and you can do far more than just sightseeing here. This is a city of contrasts with extreme weath and poverty, there are various ways to help. This is a spectacular city but suffers from large scale poverty and there are lots of programs available which need assistance. You could work in a favela, coach sports, work on educational / teaching programs or help community outreach and development initiatives. 


Volunteer Programs in Rio de Janeiro

Volunteer Rio de Janeiro

Guide to Volunteering in Rio de Janeiro

Types of volunteer programs available to join in Rio de Janeiro include:

  • Favela Projects
  • Sports Coaching
  • Building Projects
  • Community Initiatives
  • Teach English
  • Work with Children
  • Help with Carnaval Preparation



Carnival Volunteer Programs in Rio

Sometimes before Carnival there are opportunities to help with preparations or if you are there during this period try to see the celebrations in person. Living and working in Rio is a great way to travel to see places which are away from the tourist crowds too, you'll be far more than just your average holiday maker. One of the benefits of doing something like this is you will get lots of time to explore this famous city.



Conservation & Eco Tourism Volunteer Programs in Rio

There are also sustainable development projects in Ilha Grande, you will get to experience this island located off the coast of Rio which is a true paradise with endless white sandy beaches. Ilha Grande is a recommended place to visit situated about 150 km from Rio de Janeiro, this beautiful Brazilian island is a protected area and off-limits to cars. Th