The attraction has an incredible history that includes some very gruesome events and has several interesting stories to tell.

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The tower, located on the north bank of the River Thames, was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and used as a prison. It is a beautiful building that was used as a royal residence, and has been a treasury and armoury in the past. There are many great parts of the Tower of London that are worth seeing on a trip there, so it’s important to have a whole day to visit.


Who Will it Appeal to?

This attraction is ideal for families and children will be fascinated to learn about its vital role in English history.



The most famous part has to be the section where the crown jewels are kept. This is a major highlight of this landmark as tourists will be dazzled by the gems on display that are part of the Royal Collection.

Items include St Edward’s Crown and the 800-year-old Coronation Spoon. Another interesting part of the Tower of London is its famous birds that are said to protect the building. The ravens have been considered for centuries as guardians of the tower, and it is believed if the six ravens leave the tower will fall.

The White Tower is a very iconic part of the attraction that has four floors and is certainly one of the most famous castle keeps in the world. This part of the building has a gorgeous 11th century Romanesque chapel inside called St John the Evangelist.

The White Tower also houses the Royal Armouries collections that include the 300-year-old exhibition Line of Kings. Here there are many amazing pieces of armour including those belonging to Henry VIII. Wardens can provide guided tours through this area introducing visitors to the many ghost stories about this castle, and tales of executions that happened there.

The tower’s fortress is a very interesting part as it acted as a vital defence system for the building. Travellers can learn about when the tower walls were breached by peasants in 1381, and can wander along the defences that protect the tower on the Wall Walk.

Tourists will also enjoy meeting the famous yeoman warders or Beefeaters who are happy to answer any questions about the tower. A fascinating aspect of the Tower of London is learning about the history of the Royal Mint that existed there for more than 500 years.

You can learn about how the coins were made and stories concerning the employees who worked there.


5 Reasons You Will Love Visiting

  • Learn more about the history of London
  • There are guided tours available which will enhance your learning
  • Fun for all ages, solo travellers, families, children
  • See the spectacular crown jewels
  • It is easy to get to and you can walk down the river Thames before or after


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