Now, this is not an easy task and a number of things have to be taken into consideration when you want to find a decent hotel just right within your budget.

Many a time it happens that we tend to spend a good number of hours just to find the right hotel only to realize later that it nowhere matched our expectations. So if you too have passed through the same scenario in the past, keep these below-mentioned things in mind for better search results.



It is important you find a hotel to match your budget. The less you spend the more money you will have to spend on sightseeing and activities. There are usually special offers on prices throughout the year so check well in advance to get the best deals.


Look for the exact location of the hotel

Everything looks fine when you find a cheap hotel in your preferred city. Most a time, the rate is enough to forget other important things. I was fooled once too. I booked a cheap hotel room only to realize that I need to drive for an hour in the busy traffic just to touch the city. So the location of the hotel matters a lot. Nowadays, many hotels provide the map on the online booking site to help users. 



Today we cannot imagine a life without an internet connection. This becomes absolutely important when you are travelling. Some of the hotels offer free internet connection for a small amount of time while others offer free internet connection but, to a limited number of devices. So you need to check with the hotel before making a booking.

Moreover, a free breakfast is definitely good to the pocket. If you happen to find a room with one go for it as it will be a better option rather than going for a cheaper hotel without a free breakfast. Moreover, eating out means you will be spending more pounds.


Check the hotel type

When you are travelling alone, any kind of hotel will do for you. Things change when you are travelling with your family. You need to be more sure when you are travelling with kids. If the hotel does not have family-friendly policies, it would be wise to avoid them. You may be tempted to spend more on the hotels but, with free Travelodge voucher codes you will be able to make decent savings on your booking.


Read reviews

No doubt all the reviews out there are not genuine or absolutely true but, this will give you an idea about a number of things. Some of the negative reviews may be from grumbled customers but, that may not be the scene with every hotel. Altogether, reviews will help you know whether a hotel offers some added benefits, have cheaper rates, etc.


Size matters

Nowadays a number of travellers have been complaining about the size of the hotel rooms. For many people size of the hotel room does not matter but, when it comes to convenience and comfort, small rooms affect the travel experience. So as a traveller it becomes important for you to check the size of the room too especially if you are travelling with friends or your family.  


The next time when you plan to travel to a new city, keep these things in mind when making a hotel room booking. So, have a happy holiday!