If you are looking to travel solo abroad we have put together some useful advice which should be able to help you plan a trip and make the most of the experience.

Below you will be able to read information about how to plan a trip, safety advice, tips for meeting people and enjoying the best time possible.


Before Departing

  • Research destinations before departing by viewing websites and buying guide books
  • Think about booking group activities for example take a look at our volunteer projects in Asia, these will mean you travel in a structured trip and will not be alone
  • Try to put together a rough itinerary, know what to see, how to reach those places, where to stay, make budget plan
  • Check forums, websites and facebook pages for country information and latest travel news
  • Buy a guidebook to take with you to research destinations and places you would like to visit
  • Consider paying a little extra and join a group tour in Asia, this will be a lot more relaxed as you will be guided to all destinations


When in Asia

  • Research its good to know where's considered the "bad" part of town (even if its not really)
  • Connect with locals and other travellers as much as you can
  • Carry a first aid kit
  • Learn local basic phrases like hi, please, where, and thank you
  • Find local excursions and trips where you will meet other internationals


Meeting New People

  • Stay in shared / dorm accommodation
  • A lot of places have free wifi and internet especially in Thailand for example, but don't get stuck in front of your computer this might put people off mixing with you
  • Get talking everywhere you go, no traveler is ever alone just use your gut instinct on who is nice / not
  • You meet the most people at hostels / dorms so don't be afraid to make friends anywhere and everywhere. Some people might not turn out to be best friends with you but it might help during that part of a trip
  • Be open and curious - you'll meet more people, have more immersive experiences & do things that others haven't


Safety Advice

  • Check safety advice on a official website source, some destinations like Cambodia or China might sound scary but in reality they are very safe to visit
  • Be your own best counsel - if it doesn't feel right, don't do it
  • Have the courage to talk to others and try to make friends to travel with
  • Know and respect culture around, and follow ur instinct, if something feels too good to be true it probably is
  • If you ever feel uneasy / bad about a situation try to get away
  • Ask fellow travellers for their experiences and destination advice
  • Remember not everyone wants to harm you, but not everyone wants to be your best friend
  • Look confident and try not to dont dress like a tourist, try to pass for a local if possible (reading a local paper might be going a little to far though)
  • Create a site plan for the city and have a good map prior to starting out. Stay at a hostel / hotel in a city center

These are just a few of our suggestions which will hopefully help you plan an amazing trip in Asia. The world is an amazing place and you can have a great time exploring it solo.


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