Here are some reasons to consider hiring a campervan in New Zealand for your next road trip.


1. It is Cheaper than a Hotel

Overall, when you take in to account the cost of a campervan against staying in a hotel, campervans end up cheaper for most trips, even if your fuel costs are higher than expected. The amount of savings varies based on the model of campervan you choose and how long your trip is, how many stops you make, etc. – so be sure to do the research.


2. More Conveinient than Camping

One of the biggest reasons to choose a campervan is the flexibility and convenience it offers. Your accommodation is on wheels, so you can almost stop practically wherever you want.  It also means you aren’t reliant on public transport in any area, so you can go wherever there are roads to take you.


3. Easier to Travel with Friends and Family

With accommodation up to 6 berths (beds), campervans are the best way to travel with your friends and family. You can enjoy cooking together, have a laugh and good conversation while sitting watching the sunset, and your campervan can make sure you to get to your next destination on time and safely.


4. More Comfortable & Private

Compared with camping, a campervan is the far more comfortable and private option.  With the option of having amenities like a microwave and refrigerator of your own in your campervan, you’ll have those little creature comforts like at home.  And campervans are a little more insulated to uninvited guests, whether those are the mosquitoes or the snoring camper in the next tent over.


How to Pick a Campervan

If you’ve never been in a campervan before, you might find the options a little intimidating.  Here are three key things to look out for:

  • Berths: A berth is a bed. Campervans typically will sleep 2-6 persons. You may find want to have an extra berth for more room, or you might want to keep it small so it is easier to drive.
  • 2WD/4WD:  Does your itinerary include driving off of sealed, paved roads? Then you’ll want to upgrade to 4WD.
  • Toilet/Shower: Yes, campervans have onboard showers and toilets. Some do not. Is this important to you?


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