This list provides 5 things to see and do in and around Miami and whilst it includes South Beach there are some places you may not have heard off that catch your attention too.


1. South Beach

Miami beach

Arguably one of Miami’s most famous places and attractions, there is no need to explain why this is the case.

The retro hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars that line the roadside is kept in stunning condition and are a great place to stop and take in the view out to sea.

The Betsy Hotel at the top end of Ocean Drive has a spectacular roof garden, where you can get cold drinks and coffees and look out over the tops of the palm trees, South Beach and beyond.


2. Wynwood Walls

Art Wynwood Walls, Miami

Located not far from Central Miami the Wynwood Walls is a district that is easily accessible from any side. The best way to see the walls is to find somewhere to park and walk through the area.

There is a designated section that is Wynwood Walls, but the street art is not isolated to this area and spreads out across almost every wall in the surrounding streets.

The graffiti is of the highest calibre with detailed and colourful designs that will have you mesmerised. There really is art around every corner and you would be hard pushed to spend less than half a day wandering round this incredible place.


3. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, Miami

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens offers a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami.

Visitors are free to walk round the gardens at their leisure and tram rides run throughout the day, giving guests an overview of the plants that grow there.

You can see plants from all round the world including Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Australia and New Zealand. The gardens are truly stunning and a lovely way to spend a quiet afternoon.

There is a butterfly enclosure, which visitors can walk through and spot hundreds of brightly coloured butterflies and you may be lucky enough to spot one of the garden’s three hummingbirds that also live there. 


4. Robert is Here

Fairchild Tropica Botanical Gardens, Miami

This is a truly unique corner shop with a fantastic story. Robert grew up in the area and as a small child would sell produce from the local farms on the roadside.

At first, he was unsuccessful but once he had put up a sign that read ‘Robert is here’, his roadside stall became a huge success with more farms giving him their produce to sell.

Now, more than 50 years later and Robert is still there, running a grocery store that has every kind of fruit you could ever imagine and ones that you will have never heard of.

The store also sells beautiful Key Lime Pie and fruit smoothies. The range of jams, marmalades and hot sauces will have something for everyone and it is very difficult to leave with empty hands.

A true highlight is being served by Robert himself, which makes a visit to this store very much worth the visit.


5. Black Creek Trail

Black Creek Trail, Maimi

If you are looking for a quieter way to spend your day or a peaceful spot for some lunch then the Black Creek Trail is perfect.

It starts at Loggerhead Marina and takes you out along a spit of land alongside mangroves and a channel that is constantly being used by fishing boats.

At the end, you can paddle in the shallow water and see for miles across the water. There is a range of wildlife here and you may spot alligators, manatees as well as various sea birds including pelicans and shags. 


Plan a Trip to Miami

Aside from the big tourist attractions in downtown Miami, this list shows that there is more to see and do that people might originally think and you don’t have to stay in the centre of the city. Hopefully these 5 things to do will inspire you to go beyond the attractions you know and find the hidden gems of the city.


By Lucy Milson


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