Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina with over three million people living here. It is also the captial of Argentina and a city packed with attractions and cultural highlights.

There are hundreds of things you can do for the first time in Buenos Aires, these are some of the best.


1. Explore the La Boca and San Telmo Districts

If you have read any online or paper guidebooks they will recommend you visit La Boca and San Telmo, both are very touristy areas of Buenos Aires and well worth exploring. Here you can expect to pay a premium for gifts, food and drink but you can wander around for free and get really beautiful pictures of colourful buildings and pretty streets.

These neighbourhoods are very picture esq, you will also see people dancing tango in front of cafes and not many places in the world are like this. We recommend buying gifts to take home from this area or visiting the Boca Juniors stadium or if you are interested in the arts you will love the Quinquela Martin Museum. 


2. Learn to Tango

Buenos Aires tango

When you think about Argentina or Buenos Aires the chances are you will think about tango.

This is a dance synonymous with the city and when visiting as a tourist you will see locals doing street performances or you can also pay to see a professional show.

There are dance schools located through the city and if you are looking to do something different on your holiday or trip to Buenos Aires then considering taking some time out to get taught to tango by one of the locals.


3. Take in the Culture

Buenos Aires opera

The Teatro de Colon is where to head to for one of the best theatres in the world, this venue is spectacular and a great place to visit for a unique night out.

There are also numerous museums and art galleries you can check out in Buneos Aires, here you will be able to learn more about the city and also see some of the pieces by local and international artists.

You could visit the Evita museum which celebrates the life of Eva Duarte de Peron (made internationally famous by the 1996 Madonna film Evita). She was an actress and married the ex Argentinian president Juan Perón politcal and become of the most famous and controversial female figures in Argentinian history.


4. Watch a Live Football Game

Boca Juniors stadium fans

Football is a passion in Argentina and none more so in Buenos Aires, we recommend trying to get tickets for a River Plate, Boca Juniors or San Lorenzo football game.

San Lorenzo is the team the new Roman Catholic Pope Francis supports whilst Boca Juniors are one of the best supported clubs in the whole of South America.

World famous footballers like Carlos Tevez and Maradona have played for Boca Juniors during their careers and during a live game you will get to see flags, banners, passionate locals singing for their team.

There is always large police presence during games with security checks all around the entry points and so safety shouldn't be an issue.


5. Enjoy the Nightlife

Buenos Aires is a world famous destination for food lovers, here you will find some of the best steaks in the world and all for a low price, you can get great deals on eating out all across the city.

Locals don't usually head out until after 12 and so don't expect an early night, most of the nightlife doesn't open or get started till around 1-2am! There are bars and clubs located all around the city we recommend visiting the Palermo Soho district for lots of modern spots.


Plan a Trip to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires really is one of the top cities to visit in South America and if you would like to also discover the highlights of the surrounding areas search Argentina tours.


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