Check out our top tips, which will help keep the cost of airport parking down so you can have more money to spend on your travels.


1. Choose Your Airport Carefully

Every airport has different parking charges and policies, but some are more expensive than others. If you can be flexible with your destination airport, shop around for the best overall deal for flights and parking. Sometimes, flights from airports can be for a low cost, but when you add the cost of parking in, it can work out more than flying from alternative airports.


2. Book in Advance

Prices for airport parking can vary depending on your departure airport, the time of the year, and how long you will be away for.

Usually the earlier you book, the cheaper the price is not matter where you are departing from. Even if you just book 1 or 2 days in advance, it will still be cheaper than paying on the day. You can save hundreds by doing this.

For example, at London Heathrow, during the peak summer season, for a week booked in advance, the price is around £80, whilst on the day, it is more than £180!


3. Use Park & Ride

Some airports and private companies have park and ride schemes. These are usually a bit further away from airport departure terminals, but they offer a complimentary bus ride to and from the carpark to the airport.

Some park and ride companies also offer you the chance to rent your car out whilst you are away. This might sound like a strange thing to do, but you will be able to get parking for the fraction of the price of the normal cost. All insurance is included in this deal, giving you peace of mind that if anything happens to your car whilst you are away, you will be covered.


4. Check Websites for Online Discounts

Some airport, comparison, and official parking websites offer special deals throughout the year. Comparison websites allow you to compare prices for the time of month and company, which can help you to make big savings.

Some companies like Purple Parking offer discounted parking rates, including park and rides and meet and greet services. For example, if you are travelling from London Gatwick airport, you can make huge savings on the official airport carpark. The price for parking per week with Purple Parking is £37.99, which is a lot less than what the official Gatwick carpark charges.

You can also get discounts by signing up to online newsletters and mailing lists where discounts will be sent straight to your inbox. Some cashback websites like Quidco also offer you the chance to get your money back on the price you pay.


5. Follow Social Media Accounts

Most airports now have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They occasionally post updates with special offers so it is worth following them. You can also check through older updates to see if you missed any promotional messages.


6. Frequent Flyer Discount

Some airlines and parking companies have special airport parking deals, including discounted parking rates for people who fly regularly. There are membership and loyalty schemes available that reward customers who fly often and book direct with a specific company. Generally, the more you fly and book, or the longer you have been a member, the better the discount will be.


7. Check Your Bank or Credit/Debit Card

Some banks offer incentives, including discounted flights and parking for selected airports. This is also a great way to collect points that can be used for future purchases.


8. Check Local Hotels

Some hotels near airports offer incentives to book a stay with them. Some include free or discounted airport parking. You might be thinking that paying for a hotel room for a night is an extra cost, but if this includes free accommodation, or a big discounted rate, it can be a lot cheaper than going direct to an airport carpark. Some hotels also offer complimentary shuttle buses to airport departure terminals.


9. Travel Outside of Peak Periods

If you also travel outside of peak times of the year like summer and Christmas, you will also save money. Parking prices in Spring and Autumn can be sometimes less than half the price of months like July and August. Times of the year when there is less demand (e.g. outside of the school holidays, prices and availability) will have much better value.


10. Ask for a Lift, Taxi or Public Transport

You can also eliminate the whole cost of airport carpark parking by asking your friends or family for a lift. There is also the option to do a rideshare, get a taxi or use public transport. In the UK, coastlines like Megabus and National Express connect towns and cities to airports around the country.

Meanwhile, if you're wary of an accident with a rideshare driver, consider checking their reviews and ratings before hopping in. Additionally, carpooling with colleagues heading in the same direction could be a convenient and safer alternative.


A bit of research in advance can really save you a lot of money on airport parking, and hopefully our tips will help. The more money you save, the more you can spend on activities and enjoying yourself whilst away.

Also, before booking, make sure you check there are no hidden charges. All airport parking policies are different, so be sure to check if the price you pay is guaranteed to be that exact price and not something more. Are there any hidden charges? Make sure you read the fine print, as well as the terms and conditions before buying. Also check what is the policy if your flight is cancelled or delayed. You don't want to pay for parking if your flight is cancelled.

Do you have any recommendations for ways to save money on airport parking? Let us know in the comments section below.