Airport Parking Hacks Every Traveller Should Know

Airport Parking Hacks Every Traveller Should Know

Are you planning on leaving your car at the airport or nearby the next time you board a plane? If so, here are some helpful airport parking hacks that every traveller should know.


1. Reserve a Parking Space in Advance

If you are in a rush to catch a flight, not being able to find a parking space is the last thing you want. You could even end up missing your flight. So, you should definitely reserve a space prior to arriving. It is easy to do so online, and by booking in advance, you can save on the cost of airport parking. For instance, if you make a reservation beforehand, you can quickly make an online reservation for a space at a protected off-airport parking lot online. Transportation is provided between the parking lot and the airport to ensure you arrive in a timely fashion for booking in.


2. Use an Offsite Parking Lot

Speaking of offsite parking lots, you can generally get a cheaper price than if you were to choose the airport’s parking facilities. In addition to saving money and having reliable transport to the nearby airport, with an off-airport parking site, you usually have the option of a valet service or self-parking as well as excellent security. Also, offsite lots often provide other services that airport parking lots do not, such as engine checks and car washing.

For example, SeaTac airport parking options feature many offsite venues that offer all these perks at affordable prices. Apart form being cheaper, they are under video surveillance 24/7 and include: 

  • free shuttle to the airport
  • Reward programs for frequent travelers. 
  • Passport monthly parking;
  • Wheelchair and luggage services are available 


3. Consider Using an Airport Hotel’s Parking Facilities

In addition to offsite parking lots, you might consider hotel parking. If you have stayed at an airport hotel the night before your flight, the hotel may have a parking service you can take advantage of. Prices tend to be lower than airport parking lots and airport hotels’ parking facilities are usually very secure. Using a hotel parking facility is an option worth considering, but make sure the hotel provides an airport shuttle service.


4. Perform Car Checks

Before you leave your car in a parking lot, you should do several checks. You should check things like the tire pressure, fluids, signs of scratches, and mileage, and ensure the lights are turned off and the handbrake is on, to make sure the car will function fine upon your return. You also need to ensure you do not leave any valuables in the car to prevent break-ins. In fact, do not leave anything visible inside the car. Even a coat on a back seat could be an invitation to thieves because they could hope there is something valuable hidden under the coat.


5. Record Where You Park

If you are going away for quite a long time, you could easily forget where you have parked upon your return, so you need to make a note of your car’s precise location before you leave it. You could take a photo on your phone of your car and the surrounding area so that it is easier to find. Alternatively, there are now some useful apps that can help you locate your car via your smartphone.


6. Keep Your Car Key and Parking Ticket Safe

Before you board your flight, make sure both your car key and parking ticket are safe. You need the latter to get out of the airport or the offsite lot upon your return. If you should lose it, you could end up in a frustrating situation that takes time to resolve, which is the last thing you want to face after a trip away. If you are using a valet service, you can leave your key with the attendant. But, of course, ensure that the valet service is professional and official. Also, in case you lose your car key while you are away, it could make sense to leave a spare key with someone you know.