We are accustomed to taking our mental health for granted. Somehow, this ignorance has gotten embedded into our society as a norm. Neglecting mental health can cause us to get stressed out and grow more anxious. This can cause individuals to spiral down into anxiety disorders and even depression. 

Our battle against anxiety and stress has been ongoing for centuries. We get stressed out over the smallest of inconveniences. Whether it is our school, home, or even work problems, getting stressed out is a regular occurrence in our daily lives; for us to succeed in the world and adapt to society, we need to work hard each and every single day.

The fear of losing your job can be significant enough to cause people to have sleepless nights, panic attacks, and sometimes even depression. We require money to live the lifestyle we are used to, and for that to take place, we need to have a regular job. The electric and rent bills don’t pay themselves. 

It is very common these days for people to travel and live abroad. This can be very hard and stressful, as moving to an entirely new place can force you to face a variety of challenges. Most of these challenges force you to get out of your comfort zone, which can be very stressful.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing a few ways to decrease stress when moving overseas. 


1. Get Prepared Before Departing

One of our top recommendations before you move is to prepare as much in advance as possible. Don't leave everything till the last minute as this will cause lots of stress! Check transport, accommodation, jobs and other information and make sure you have a checklist with everything you need to know.


2. Be Flexible

If you don't have deadline e.g. a job start date, then don't rush and put yourself under unnecessary pressure.


3. Get Help Online

There are lots of websites which can help you with everything you need to know about moving.


4. Improve Your Language Skills

If you are moving to a country where English isn't the native tongue, try to learn as much of the local langage as possible.


5. Chat With Others

Get help on forums, millions of people work abroad every year and people can be your best form of information, especially people living in your new destination. Facebook groups are a great place to start.


6. Sleep Well

A night of good sleep is vital for reducing stress and anxiety. A lack of sleep can cause unrequired torment. It can kill your energy, decrease your productivity levels, and the worst part, and it can alter any normal situation into an anxiety-filled nightmare. Thus, it is essential that you get sufficient sleep. Experts advise that people over the age of 18 should try to get 7 to 8 hours each night. However, the variable can alter depending on age and personal choice. 

Furthermore, a lack of sleep can cause individuals to have dark circles, which can decrease confidence among people. In addition to that, not having ample sleep can cause your face to grow puffy, which can further reduce your confidence. 

If you want to rid your mind of stress and depression, you only have to do one thing. Go to sleep! Close the lights, lower the thermostat, put away your phones, laptops, tablets, and go to bed. 

Studies show that people are more likely to sleep better in dark and chilly environments. Thus, it is essential to sleep in a room with very little light sources entering. Good quality of sleep is much more important than the hours you spend sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping, try using kratom. Red maeng da kratom effects are significant for your sleep and help you sleep better. 


7. Exercise Frequently 

Exercise is one of the most fantastic methods of fighting stress. It can be a tedious job to get up and push ourselves to go workout every day. However, we need to accept the fact that exercise is vital for fighting stress. It can also help keep in shape while you are studying abroad. 

Research suggests that people who have a more energetic and active lifestyle are less likely to experience stress, whereas those who remain sedentary tend to experience more stress. Also, try to remember that consistency is the key. Working out once a month won’t do you any good. Try working out for 30 minutes every day, or perform moderate to high-intensity exercises four times a week. 

Here a few reasons why exercise provides such a significant impact on your mood:

  • Sleep: Regular exercise can drastically improve the quality of your sleep, and aforementioned, sleep helps to combat stress.
  • Confidence: performing exercise daily tones your body, increases muscle growth and vascularity. Thus, increasing your confidence. When you have a lower fat percentage, you automatically feel more confident.
  • Stress hormones: working out decreases the production of stress hormones called cortisol. Exercise also releases endorphins(a chemical present in the brain, which elevates your mood) in your mind and body, which helps decrease anxiety. 

If you have trouble staying energized or have low energy throughout your workout, then try using kratom. Try finding white Vietnam kratom for sale online.


8. Use Essential Oils

You may have noticed the aroma of lavender or the scent of sandalwood when entering a spa or a relaxation center. Using essential oils can help you decrease stress and anxiety in your life. They allow you to change an ordinary room into a place of comfort and relaxation. Try lighting up a scented candle or burning incense to serenade your surroundings with the calming notes of essential oils. 

  • Rose
  • Roman chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver
  • Bergamot
  • Neroli
  • Orange or orange blossom
  • Ylang ylang
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Geranium


Do you have any advice for moving or working abroad? Let us know in the comments section below.