From stunning clear water beaches, historical landmarks, to amazing weather all year long, Mallorca sure makes a nice spot for a summer vacation. Today we're going to talk about useful things you need to know about Mallorca before traveling there.

Mallorca is a beautiful and idyllic Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea that is home to stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and plenty of activities to enjoy.

Well known for its vibrant culture, and incredible cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an exciting nightlife adventure, Mallorca has something to offer everyone.

If you're planning a holiday in Majorca, the key is to let go and soak up the Mediterranean vibes. Do some research before you go - this will ensure that your trip is a lot more enjoyable and memorable!


Best Way to Get Around

The best way to get around is independently and you should consider going to rent a car and hitting the road. Road is the best way to get around Mallorca and you can easily get from Palma airport to other parts of the island through three main roads.

Is really common to hear honks all over the roads, drivers usually park their cars in the withe flashing lights. Tourists walking should be aware of the zebra crossings, which are marked with black and white, not flashing orange lights.

The roads in Mallorca are excellent, but you should note that narrow and steep routes on mountains can level up the difficulty for cars and drivers to pass, also there are no heavy congestions.


Best Time To Visit Mallorca

Mallorca offers something for everyone, no matter when you decide to visit and one of the main attractions in the warm climate. Expect mild temperatures in the spring and autumn, extremely hot summers and mild winters. 

The best time to visit Mallorca depends on your preferences and what activities you want to do during your stay. If you’re looking for sun-soaked beaches, the summer months are ideal. But if you’d like to explore the cultural side of Mallorca, autumn and spring are great times to go as well. No matter when you decide to visit Mallorca, it will be an unforgettable experience!

By far the best time to visit Mallorca is from April and May to September and October, the weather is nice and warm, prices for flights and hotels are cheaper than peak summer, and you can find less crowded places (but you will still find tourists). This is also one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities, like biking and hiking,


Where to Stay

Deià and Valldemossa are popular locations with lots of hotels and stunning scenery. Sóller, Port de Pollença, Alcúdia, Canyamel and Ca'n Picafort are all also recommend places to consider. For partying and nightlife, consider Magaluf. To find the best deals on hotels check out


Mallorca Attractions

These are some places you shouldn't miss:

  • Alcúdia
  • Coves del Drac (Caves of the Dragon)
  • Deià
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Sóller
  • Cabrera Island National Park
  • Valldemossa


Explore the Capital - Palma

Visit Palma for a really cosmopolitan view of Mallorca. Half of the island’s population live here so it comes as no surprise that sophisticated bars and classy shops sit easily alongside ancient streets and the astounding Gothic Cathedral.

It pays to spend some time exploring the city – whether it’s taking in the amazing view from the waterfront, wandering in and out of the tiny shops in the old Arab Quarter, or taking in the sights from a traditional pony and trap. 

Further afield, Mallorca boasts a range of interesting towns, secluded bays, and mountain walks that reward with perfect views.


Most Beautiful Beaches

One of the biggest draws to the island for foreigners is the beaches, but with so many, which are best?

If possible try to visit as many of these as possible: 

  • S'Aramador - often voted one of the best beaches in Spain
  • Es Trenc
  • Es Caragol
  • Playa d'Alcudia
  • Cala Mondrago
  • Cala sa font Celada
  • Cala Pi
  • Calo d'es Moro



Mallorca is a real paradise for sport lovers and there are 20 golf courses here. Each course is set in a natural, serene environment with sensational land-scapes around, from the mountains to the sea. Mallorca is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your game all year round.

These are some of the best golf courses in Mallorca:

  • Son Termens
  • Capdepera
  • Andratx
  • Canyame
  • Royal Bendinat
  • Alcanada
  • Pollensa
  • Marriot Son Antem
  • Son Vida
  • Pula
  • Vall d’Or
  • Santa Ponsa


Be Cautious with the Tap Water

Tap water on the island should be avoided and like in most locations in Spain, its best not to drink. It’s ok to do regular things like, boil food or clean your teeth. The lowest score in water quality is in the capital Palma.


The ‘Siesta’ is Important

The siesta is a very important aspect of Spanish culture, many locals don’t use it to sleep, however they still take this time to relax and stay with their family. Don't be shocked to see a lot of offices, shops, cafés and restaurants in Mallorca to be closed in the middle of the day.