This blog shares the top 10 things for you to know!

Canada is among the top destinations across the world for international students to learn in a diverse environment and unlock opportunities to work for top employers.

In addition to an inclusive environment, tolerant society, and more than 100 world-class universities and specialized colleges, it is a no-brainer to choose Canada to learn new skills, make new friends and boost career prospects.

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Now, let’s get to the top things that you must know before getting to a Canadian university!


1. Canada is A Diverse Country

From the residents to students, Canada is a truly diverse country. Recent reports suggest that over half of the population is from Asia and about 28% are from Europe. The same goes for the number of international students across universities and colleges where they are driving the enrolment cycle.

There are also so many highly rated places to live in Canada, you can find universities in all the major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal which are all popular places to live.


2. French & English Are Official Languages

Canada has two official languages - English and French. At least 23% of people speak French as their first language! 


3. Tuition Fees are Comparatively Reasonable

Canada doesn't have free higher education in countries like Germany or affordable tuition like in Italy but the fees are very reasonable compared to countries like the US and the UK. Still, it is a big expense with flights, accommodation and food and you will need to get your financials in order before departing and know the specific costs so you can budget accordingly.


4. Scholarships Are Available For All Academic Levels

Since the country hosts a record number of overseas students, it offers scholarships for undergraduate to graduate and Ph.D. students. The competition is fierce, as to be expected, but bright students can always get some percentage of the fee waived. You can use AI essay writer free from to excel in academics and secure a scholarship!


5. Top 5 Universities in Canada

1. University of Toronto
2. University of British Columbia
3. McGill University
4. McMaster University
5. University of Alberta

Canada has several supportive institutions. Whether it is about visas or health insurance, upskilling, or mental health, you can rely on the infrastructure to come through.


6. On-Campus Housing is the Best Place to Live

This is a recurring theme for international students across the globe. On-campus housing is cheap, reliable, and is an amazing way to meet other students from around the globe. You can get various different accommodation both on and off campus, but the former is always preferable for fun.


7. Opportunities for Part-Time Work

It is a big plus for international students to get an opportunity to work in Canada while studying. There are also countless opportunities where you can gain experience as an intern or apply for positions at local businesses. Either way, you can earn extra cash to cover your expenses, unlike a lot of countries.


8. So Many Travel Opportunities

Being the second largest country in the world, there really are so many unqiue and spectacular places to visit. If you want to travel in Canada, you can explore rail, road or book group tours which can be a great way to get guided to the top rated locations. Popular destinations include Niagara Falls and the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.


9. Availability of Post-Study Visas

After finishing your studies, you have the chance to permanently settle in the country. Canada offers post-study visas, up to three years, conditional to the eligibility of the applicant. Also, you can get a work permit through an employer to stay in the country. That’s the reason almost 30% of the students who came to study in Canada after 2000 settled there for good!


10. Institutions Appreciate Global Perspectives

Diversity and international exposure go a long way in Canada. Employers appreciate people from various backgrounds with different educational credentials to add value to their businesses. A poll says that more than 80% of companies believe that hiring a person with a global perspective improves their businesses!


Wrap Up

Canada is a great place to study abroad and connect with students from around the world. It is among the top host countries for overseas students. We have highlighted the most important things for you to know before embarking on your journey there. You will find them helpful in making your move!