With a string of islands down the east of the country all offering incredible beaches, not to mention the island of Tasmania at the foot of the country, Australia is well known for having some of the most incredible beaches in the world. 

The problem is that you’re now spoiled for choice – if you haven’t been to Australia yet to try these beaches for yourself, how do you know where to start? Fortunately we’re here to help you get your bearings on the best beaches in Australia.

Go you’re your wetsuit and get your board waxed – here are the best surf spots to visit down under.


1. Marrawah, Tasmania

If you’re looking to get a load of surfing in and not a lot else, Marrawah in Tasmania may just be the choice for you. There are some great waves to be had, but because it’s just home to one little fishing town in the middle of nowhere, you can avoid the touristy crowds that you’d get at some of Australia’s other surf beaches.


2. Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales

Moving northeast to the Sydney area, Catherine Hill Bay is slightly more touristy, but not to the level of Sydney proper. Catherine Hill Bay is home to a little mining village and some impressive barrels you can ride just off the coast.


Best Places to Surf in Australia

3. Agnes Waters, Queensland

Despite Agnes Waters being routinely listed as one of Australia’s top 10 beaches, this Queensland beach still isn’t massively touristy.

It is, however, the last surfing beach you can visit in the north of the country before you hit the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re keen on stopping by Agnes Beach and catching a few waves, grab yourself a tent and some friends and head on down.

If your friends can’t surf yet, drop them off at the local surf school before going and pulling your wetsuit on.


4. Bells Beach, Victoria

We’re now at the one of the most popular surf destinations in the world and one of the best beaches in Australia, Bells Beach.

This beach in Victoria is actually home to the Australia’s oldest professional surf competition, the Rip Curl Pro. If you aren’t already an advanced surfer, this beach may be a little harsh – the waves here can reach as high as 5m on a fairly regular basis.

If you’re not ready to try the waves for yourself just yet, there’s always a wave of surfers on the water that you can test your photography skills on.


5. Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is possibly one of the most advanced surf beaches in the world, let alone Australia.

This beach is simply a clump of billion-year-old limestone which juts out into the raw ocean, with a string of extremely fine soft white sand to walk along when you’re not in the water.

With regular 6m waves forming the perfect barrels to ride though, it’s quite surprising if you make your way here and don’t get in the water. On that note, it’s little surprise that this beach is so popular with some of the world’s greatest professional surfers.

If Bells Beach was too advanced for you though, Margaret River is certainly not going to encourage you to get out on the water. These waves are perfect for the highly advanced rider, but they’re not for the faint of heart!


Plan a Surfing Trip in Australia

Whether you are Australian and live here, or are keen to visit for a holiday, a surf break or are keen to spend a gap year in Australia, this country really does have some of the top rated surf spots on the planet.

If you would like to learn to surf abroad, or plan a break down under search surfing lessons in Australia.

For an amazing experience you might also want to check out Australia tours and see more of the country. For example do a road trip of the East Coast of Australia and take in all the amazing beaches.

Or if you want to move down under consider Australia working holidays.