Here is what was found.


Proffessional Development

  • 97% of those surveyed believed taking part in work, intern and volunteer programs abroad in a different country developed school and university leavers’ careers
  • 79% believed they held stronger communicative skills and 74% regarded them having a more secured sense of independence.
  • In terms of opportunities abroad, 78% believed taking part in a professional internship was the most beneficial of overseas programmes for career development.


Persona Growth

  • The personal benefits of working, interning and volunteering abroad are endless. 91% believed the experience helps establish friendships from all over the world. 88% believe it offers a different perspective of cultures and countries, and 85% understand that it develops an improved sense of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Of those surveyed, 81% said experiencing a new culture was what motivated them to participate. While 71% were inspired to work in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, and 62% wanted to expand their social circle and meet new people.
  • 82% believed individuals who worked, interned or volunteered abroad were more developed in their maturity and cultural sensitivity.


Still undecided? 

  • 96% of those surveyed would recommend someone to work and travel overseas in order to help achieve professional goals.


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