But we thought we would share some advice if you are planning a staycation and want to get your garden fully maximised for summer.

Here are our top tips for getting the perfect summer garden.


1. Plant Some Seeds

With the cost of living getting more expensive, why not grow some fruit and vegetables at a home this summer? You can buy seeds to grow so many different vegetables and fruits, from strawberries, peas, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and so much more.


2. Buy the Right Tools

If you are planning to work in your garden to get it ready for summer, you'll need the right kit. You might want to consider getting a new lawnmover or a multitool kit perfect for doing diy jobs.

Here are some important criteria for choosing a Makita multitool - one of the best on the market..


For many DIYers, it may be interesting to equip themselves with the Makita multi tool set, which will perform various small tasks and replace several devices. It is a very compact and convenient tool, and due to its small size, it can be used in places hard to reach for large tools. Various accessories accompany the multifunctional tool for cutting, sawing, grinding, or stripping. In this article, we will introduce you to three important features of the Makita cordless multi tool to make the right choice.


A multitool that weighs more than 1.5 kg will quickly tire you out. Moreover, the work for which it is intended usually requires frequent changes in the orientation of the device. Then, the user does not always take comfortable positions: hands in the air, in hard-to-reach places, the device at arm's length, etc. Take a look at the Makita 18v multi tool that will not be difficult for you.

Power Switch

All models have a variable speed drive that allows you to adjust the oscillation frequency. In most cases, this is regulated by a rotary knob. Otherwise, the speed change is performed using the control trigger. Then, the device is too difficult to control because to work at a constant speed, you need to keep this trigger in a very precise position. Therefore, this decision should be avoided: it is desirable to stop your choice on a device with a button.

Dust Extraction

Although none of the Makita brushless multi tool models has a dust extractor, some have a dust extraction connection system. Just connect a vacuum cleaner to it. But this only works when grinding, and this feature is usually not very effective. In addition, working with the suction hose connected to the Makita cordless multi tool is not the most comfortable, and in hard-to-reach places, it is impossible.


3. Wildlife/Eco Friendly

With the world facing a climate emergency why not consider making your garden more eco friendly. You could buy food for animals, buy a bird bath or try to utilise rainwater to reuse in your garden.


4. Comfort

Why not invest in some comfortable chairs and garden sofas, you could even consider a hammock.


5. Splash Out

If you really want to make your friends and family jealous, why not treat yourself to a jacuzzi? What a treat and perfect for relaxing, drinking a glass of wine and just enjoying the outdoors and good weather!

Have you got any more recommendations? Let us know in the comments section below.